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Your Favorite David Ortiz Moment Is...

Everything's coming up Papi around Boston this week. Friday, of course, is his big retirement night at Fenway, where his number gets posted to the rafters in right, forever unattainable to another Red Sox player (kina like we thought a World Series was pre-Papi). The Red Sox renamed a street... Read More

Nick Made Jokes on Doug Loves Movies

This past Sunday, Father's Day 2017, Nick from Matty & Nick had the chance to apear on his favorite podcast, Doug Loves Movies. In case you're not familiar with it, comedian Doug Benson talks movies, plays games and waxes cinematic with a rotating series of guests. The show is recording... Read More

The 100 Movies Every Guy Needs To See, Pt 4

A NEW HOPE arises for fans of the greatest, most rewatchable, guy-tastic movies of all-time, as Episode 4 (see what I did there?) of the epic podcast series returns! Yes, it's part four of The Top 100 Guy Movies podcast series/countdown thiing (whatever, it's a movie show). Listen as your WAAF pals... Read More

Nick Loves Being On "Doug Loves Movies"

If you've listened to MATTY & NICK you know we love talking movies. A lot. We kinda frame almost all of of the news and our own lives through a cinematic prism. "That's how winning is done!" -- ROCKY BALBOA ANYWAY...there's a popular podcast and traveling comedy show where nonstop movie talk... Read More

Part 3 of The 100 Movies Every Guy Needs To See!

It's part 3 of the greatest movie podcast in movie podcast history! Join your WAAF buddies Matty Blake and Nick Stevens (@mattynickwaaf) and their WEEI friends Uncle Buck (unclebuckweei), Jerry Thornton (@jerrythornton1) and Georgie Kipp (@theotherpatsfan) as we continue the countdown, making way... Read More

The Guy Movie 100 Continues!

Mid-Life Moive Avengers Assemble! Your pals Matty & Nick ( @mattynickwaaf ) from WAAF, alongside our friends Uncle Buck, Jerry Thonrton & Georgie Kipp from WEEI, are back to bring you more from the list of movies every guy needs to see - THE GUY MOVIE 100. This week we bring you episode 2,... Read More

Matty Feels Tiger's Pain

The DUI, and continued fall from grace, of Tiger Woods, is shocking. Unreal, magnetizing, and shocking. We can't take our eyes off it. After a long, restful and mostly pleasant Memorial Day weekend it's what everyone came into work talking about today (unless you work at the movie studio that... Read More

Watch David Ortiz Recreate Famous Boston Movies For Charity

Well there's a Boston accent if you've never heard one. To benefit the David Ortiz Childrens Fund, Big Papi himself David Ortiz joined up with the fine folks at Omaze to award a pair of guests tickets to his jersey retirement ceremony. But now that Papi has retired from baseball, what is he going... Read More

The Guy Movie 100 Is Here!

Well it's about Van Damme time! At long last...a project years in the making...literally. If you think about how much time was spent/wasted watching these movies, and the time spent thinking about these movies, then the time we spent trying to assemble these movies into a list, and then the... Read More

Matty Faces His Fears In Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a hot commodity and the new future of video games. So we had Matty give it a shot, live on the air and see why this is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment (at Matty's expense)! We even shot it on Facebook live! Check it out below! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d... Read More