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The Usual Suspects: Who Stole Tom Brady's Jersey?

Someone is willing to put their freedom on the line for the sake of possessing Tom Brady's missing jersey from Super Bowl LI, and much like how he is on the field, he's taking it very seriously. While the Texas Rangers, police and the NFL are hot on the case, the GOAT has launched an investigation... Read More

Somebody Stole Tom Brady's Nickels In 'Bad Lip Reading'

The entire football league gets it in the 'NFL 2017' edition of "Bad Lip Reading." Who knew Tom Brady was protected by a magical wall? Von Miller likes to hang out at the test center? Mike Remmers plays on behalf of the Nordic god Odin? And what is so important that Matt Ryan wants to tell us, but... Read More

Deflategate And You: A PSA

The children are our future. So in this world of false news, lies, and misinformation, how can we ensure that our kids grow up knowing the truth? Read More

Matty & Nick Go To the Patriots' Send-Off Rally

It was the rally of all rallies as thousands of New England Patriots fans gathered at Gillette Stadium to send off the GOAT and company to Houston, TX where they were face off against the Atlanta Falcons in the big game. Check out Matty & Nick's adventure at the rally below! Video Categories:... Read More

Star Wars Announces Official Title For Episode VIII

In a movie studio far, far away in California, the writer and director for the next Star Wars film Rian Johnson has announced the new title and poster for the next episode in the Skywalker saga. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the official title for Episode VIII and will be produced by Kathleen Kennedy... Read More