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Catch Nick from MATTY & NICK on NFL Network's Top 10 Shows

There's an abundance of quality television to watch this weekend (Stranger Things 2, Halloween specials, Stranger Things 2), not to mention all the autumnal things (apple picking, pumpkin patching wandering, Stranger Things 2), BUT...should you happen to be a fan of the football, particularly the... Read More

"Here's To You Mr. Robinsons": Matty Meets His Musical Heroes

“Here’s To You Mr. Robinsons…” They say never meet your heroes. But “they” probably had crappy heroes. Because on three humid summer nights in Boston I met mines…and it was GD glorious. Before you judge me too harshly for the fanboy tale I’m about to share…ask yourself what it would mean to meet... Read More

Comedian Ralphie May Dies At 45

According to TMZ , stand-up comedian Ralphie May has passed away at the age of 45 due to cardiac arrest following a six-week battle with pneumonia. May passed away in Las Vegas in the morning of October 6th, 2017. May's comedy career launched after appearing on the first season of "Last Comic... Read More

Matty & Nick & Friends In The New PATS FANS Video

Check out Matty Blake in Fitzy's new PATS FANS 2017 season preview video. Matty is one of many cameos in the all-star gridiron webtacular, alongside WEEI's Lou Merloni, Boston comedy legend Lenny Clarke, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, former Pats cheerleader and SI Swimsuit hopeful Camille Kostek, and... Read More

Matty Finally Met His Hero, Chris Robinson!

It was a long time coming, but Black Crowes fanatic Matty Blake was finally able to meet his hero face-to-face, frontman Chris Robinson ! To say that Matty was nervous would be an understatement. Even a paranoid Chihuahua would have had a calmer demeanor. But Matty managed to keep it together (not... Read More

Please Support Nick In His Run To Help Beat Nb!

Hey gang - Nick here. If anyone is feeling charitable and wants to support a radio pal running for a good cause, please consider donating as Nick/I/Me (you get it) run the Falmouth Road Race Sunday August 20th to help Beat Nb. Here's my donation page (as the crazed Pats fan I am I'm sure you'll... Read More