March 23rd Is "Wear Your Band Shirt To Work Day"

March 16, 2017

Do you own more band shirts than you do regular shirts? Do you want to express your love for rock, but you have to throw on a suit and tie to work every day? Come March 23rd, you can show off your love for rock on "Wear Your Band Shirt To Work Day", and we want you to show support for your favorite band with pride!

"But I work an office job and they would never allow me to wear my AC/DC shirt in front of clients." No worries! Simply go with the superman method (like the rock n' roll superhero you are) and wear it underneath your office attire. Nobody else will know. But you will know, and that's all that matters! And when the boss isn't looking, give your co-workers a quick flash to let you know that you're one of those that are on this Earth to rock!

We also encourage you to share your pride with us on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ThrashThursday.

So get ready to whip out that shirt of Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, or any other band can show off your rock n' roll devotion!