Lenny Lashley | #Characters

June 23, 2014

Lenny Lashley, the guitarist for the Boston Punk Rock Band The Street Dogs, stopped by the WAAF Studios to tell us about his experience with the Street Dogs, what's going on with him and the band and why Mike McColgan is a beast.

Full Interview and Performances | http://youtu.be/AExG7lSDa4Y

Part 1 | Current
Part 2 | http://youtu.be/s8OsxnK2GRc
Part 3 | http://youtu.be/lxnTCj7Q4xQ
Part 4 | http://youtu.be/YUT-7JsVdAE

Performance Part 1 | http://youtu.be/kvV19OSuQrY
Performance Part 2 | http://youtu.be/_1mhLX5KNbI

Street Dogs Playlist: http://bit.ly/StreetDogsWAAF