Mama, I'm Coming Home - Osbourne Ozzy 8:36 PM


Thie is LB's Blog. He may post a video or two.

LB has been paying attention over the years and has learned from the master how to handle the difficult questions.

Lyndon almost brought the office to tears with his soulful, passionate rendition of the classic, "Silent Night".

LB makes one of his favorite morsels. Leftover KFC with all the trimmings, rolled up in the chicken skin.

LB heads to the tattoo shop to get some ink. In this case it's the OTR logo. Why? Because Michael Landsberg said he wouldn't. Michael doesn't know LB very well.


LB being "El B".


Hey guys, during a show break this morning I was heading to the kitchen and heard some dude cracking up to this video, check it out, it's a gem!

LB feels that the hype around one person getting an entire station sick is a load of bull. Hsu thinks it tastes good... Of course he does.

Welcome back to the second season of Not For Nuthin' with Lyndon Byers, former enforcer for the Boston Bruins.

Hey all! LB here... Check out this little gem I found of me and Cam doing Coaches Corner, B's v Caps, back in 1990.