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Friday Recap!

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker stopped in to say hi during the 7 o'clock hour.  A texter wanted to know what Charlie’s stance is on the guy buyback program in Boston.  While he doesn’t think that is the sole answer, he feels that the fact that it drives together social workers, community activists, and the like, is a positive.  Charlie is against legalizing pot.  He said that after speaking with law enforcement officials and medical professionals, he has come to the conclusion that it is more harmful than people realize. With regard to EBT card purchases of alcohol and cigarettes, Charlie said that it boils down to effective management of the program.  He feels that the program should be used for what it is intended (necessities) and that there will be strategies that can be implemented to ensure this.  We also talked about a lot of stuff that did NOT have anything to do with politics, so you can check that out here.  Naturally, Greg had Charlie commit to a campaign promise for the listeners if we endorsed him, so he agreed to do a monthly segment with us if he is elected, and even suggested doing one in the months leading up to the election.  


We reported on a survey today, done by Adam & Eve, that showed only 3% of women prefer a man that is uncircumcised.  Of course, that generated a whole discussion about who likes what, and why.  Boys, we know this is a tricky subject for some of you.  Here's how the rest of the survey broke down:

54% prefer a man that IS circumcised

33% do not care either way

10% refused to answer the question

We took some calls on the issue, and lots of penis humor followed, so if you missed it, head over to this link.  Cut or uncut, you're welcome here.  :)


Arsenio Hall was peeved that the graphic used during Brian Williams' NBC Nightly News segment Monday about late night talk show hosts did not include him.  Williams has since apologized, but not before Suge Knight told him he better make it right.  


Did you miss Facts Schmacts today?  Don't go looking for it if you did... it's right here.  


Some other things we got into today:

A Florida (shocker) teacher is accused of making a 10-year-old boy clean a urinal drain with his bare hands.

College Security Head Arrested For Jerking Off Into Co-Worker's Shoe.

Iowa man learns that you don't get unemployment benefits when you try to wreck the vending machine with a fork lift.  


We'll be back Monday!  Have a great weekend!


Image "circumcision set" by istolethetv is licensed under CC BY 2.0