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The worst Superbowl of all time...

I've cleared it with our Entercom lawyers-I can officially refer to the big game this weekend as the Superbowl.  The NFL legal team (slightly larger than the group of people who now tell you that they have been "with" the Bruins right from the start this season) will throw a cease and desist down your throat in record time if you mention the "Big Game" in conjunction with an advertiser...but random blog mentions are allowed!

Where were you last year when the "worst Superbowl of all time" occured?  I was there in Phoenix, and as Sunday approaches, I can't help thinking of what could have been (which is just slightly less painful than re-listening to Tom Menino's State of the City address).  I call it the "worst Superbowl of all time" because it had the potential to be...the "Best Superbowl of All Time".  Undefeated season, four in a decade, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.  I am sure that Sunday's game will at least remind you of how much last year hurt.

To help ease your pain, I talked to some of the New England Patriots to see how they are planning to spend their Superbowl Sunday, one year after the "season that almost was"...

Larry Izzo, linebacker and special teams superstar:  "I am going to stay at home and watch at my house with my wife, Maura.  I will have my friend Stella and another friend Bud, and my good friend, Coors, to keep me company.  I am only watching for Bruce Springsteen at half time to see if he equals my performance of "Born In The USA" at Larry-oke last year.  You can never forget last year, it's frustrating not to be there, and it's hard to watch for any player if you're not there.  I usually don't watch.   But I am usually in the lockerroom for the half time show so now I get to see what all the fuss is about."

Lonie Paxton, long snapper and man about town:  "I am going to Hawaii, and I will be on a fishing boat and out in the ocean snorkeling during the game.  I am planning on landing some mahi-mahi!   I just went to the Winter X games in Aspen, representing my charity, the "Active Force Foundation.org", which builds handicapped sports equipment. I was there handing out gold medals to the Athletes.  From Hawaii, it's off to Cabo and then back to work getting ready for next season."

So...there you go.  Life goes on.  And I guess the message is, if they're over it, I should be.   I will try.