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The Hill-Man's Blog

This week's Random Blog thoughts...

-Who is more of a distraction to their co-workers:  Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens, Sean Avery or Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner?

-Fox News is reporting that former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day from "Making the Band" is an out lesbian.  That means I have to throw my theory on why Diddy put her on the show right out the window.

-Tara Reid checked into Promises Rehab center this week.  She used to be so hot (remember "American Pie"?).  I kind of feel bad for her because everything was going great until she had the plastic stomach surgery that went worse than a Big Dig tunnel project.  She had that travel show where she just went places and got hammered-and it was great.  Suddenly, she didn't have the show anymore and I guess it's a bad thing that she was still getting dismantled.  On the bright side, at least she can still afford Promises.

-If you were an angry Iraqi, and you had a chance to throw something at George Bush, would it be a shoe?

-Who do you think will spend a longer period of time in jail next year: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, OJ Simpson or Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner?

-I love Christmas and I think it's great to get in to the holiday spirit.  I'm all for decorating the tree, the house, even the workplace.  But I draw the line at the reindeer antlers and wreaths that people put on their cars.  I think it's cheesy.  Christmas is still supposed to have a little bit of the respect for the birth of the baby jesus in it.   You don't see people driving down the road with a giant lit mennorah on their roof, do you?

-After winning Friday's "Great Latka cookoff" at our Toys for Tots broadcast, Chef Michael Schlow suggested that Spaz pay off his bet from the last cookoff, two years ago.  Spaz is supposed to do the dishes one night at one of Michael's four star restaurants (Great Bay, Radius, Via Matta or Alta Strada).  We are trying to turn this into an upcoming fundraiser.  The Can Man will be the maitre'd.

-Who is more likely to come to your house this Christmas and leave with an extra gift: Wynona Ryder, the CEO's of the big three automakers, or City Councilor Chuck Turner?

-Finally...it has been a great year for the Hillman Morning Show.  You are the best listeners anyone could ever ask for.   You participate in the show, go to our events and rip us all on "Hillmail".  I hope you have an incredible holiday and an even better New Year...and I will be blogging over our vacation!

(What's my resolution?  To get SPD back on the show in '09!)