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Today's show...and random bloggins...

We spent the early part of today's show delving into the "Bizarre Liberal Mind" and discussing the talk about the EPA wanting to intigate a "livestock tax" since cows (and presumably other like animals) release methane gas which some believe is the root cause of our Global Warming nightmare.  That means the cheeseburger you had for lunch, or the steak you will soon be slapping on the barbeque, will COST YOU more money soon!Several of you joined me in pointing out how rediculous this is since cows have been farting since the dawn of time.  One brilliant caller this morning suggested we create a car that can run on cow flatulence, a Toy-odor, perhaps.   Sorry.

We also discussed the death of John Travolta's son and whether parents should be punished for witholding medication from their kids, because of religious beliefs.  LB can't stand the Scientologists... he says they are a big dangerous cult... and wonders why the government doesn't do the same thing to them that they did to the mormon polygamist cult over the summer.  I am not quite at that level, but I do think that if you hold back on giving your kid medicine that could save them... and they die... you should be held responsible.  Most of you agreed, at least on the phones this morning.

Tommorow we will have Wyc Grossbeck, Celtics owner, on at 8:30 so we can find out if Marberry is coming here...and we will have one of the Geyco Cavemen...John Lair in the studio.  He has a show on TBS called "10 Items of Less".

Finally....a few more bloggins for today....

-Someone please tell Madonna she is just not hot anymore.  I never thought she was superhot anyway but she doesn't look good these days.  Unless she's airbrushed like in this new ad for Louis Vuitton (right).  Do you think she's hot...or is it iggy to look at a 50 something woman, spread eagle in her panties?

-It must suck to be Joe Biden.  The "office of the Vice President Elect" won't confirm it, but Biden and his wife showed up to see the new Brad Pitt movie last night in Delaware and NO ONE recognized him.  No autographs, no pictures...not even a "what's Barack really like" from anyone there!  The movie was sold out...and the Biden couldn't even get a hook to get in to see the flick.  If that happened to Cheney, he take a flame thrower to the place.

-Is it really a huge story that Oprah is disgusted with herself because she's fat again?  Welcome to the club! Everybody gets fat...gets pissed...and then stops eating and goes to the gym a little extra.  During her tell all extravaganza yesterday she said "it's not about the food-it's about abusing food".  Really?  when did you figure that out?  Sorry to break it to you, Oprah, but it IS about the food.  You eat too much of it.  Now get back to the important stuff like figuring out who is molesting the kids at your school in Africa.

-As long as we are on the topic of weight...everybody is always trying to lose a few pounds to start the year.  If you don't want to go psycho and try the "water dump" lemon juice cleanse that LB has been talking about, give the Special K a chance.  Eat Special K for two meals a day...and something reasonable for the third...and you will drop some pounds.  You'll be looking good...and texting Danielle...before you know it.