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Thursday's show and Random Bloggins....

Coming up Thursday's show...Manny Delcarmen of the Red Sox will be in the studio at 7:45...is he afraid of the Evil Empire in NY?  What does he think of Smoltz?  Does he have any good Manny Ramirez stories?  Anything else you think we should ask Manny...please leave a comment below.  Also tommorow, Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphy's will be calling from New Zealand with an announcement.  He called me yesterday from some incredible golf course so we'll find out about that, too

Some quick "Random Bloggings":

-Wyc Grousbeck said on today's show that he thinks the Celtics need to make a deal before the deadline, which is next month.  I am pushing for former UMass Minuteman, and Alumni graft taker, Marcus Camby.  Souces say he wants out, he's got a local connection, and I think he could be the "big" that Doc Rivers is saying they need.  Listen to the Wyc podcast here.

-Get ready to hear liberals who are outraged that Barack Obama's effigy is being burned in Iran.  These are the same people who had no problem, by the way, with Doc Martins being launched at W's head in Iraq, or the British movie about Bush's assasination, or the Dixie Chicks saying how "ashamed" they were.  You watch, when it's their guy, their "messiah" being burned in effigy, they will scream loudly about how "offensive" it is to all Americans

-Speaking of our President-elect (I can still call him that for a few days), we now have our first look at the new OBAMASINE that he will be driving around, including next week for the MOST EXPENSIVE swearing in of any president ever.  I think it blows Deval Patrick's Deville away.  I think it's jacked up a little, too.

-And speaking of that, I thought one of the reasons to vote for Barry was because this stuff wouldn't happen.  I thought we were promised an instant love-fest with countries around the world, including the "Axis of Evil".  Will our next president head to Iran and break syrian bread (and dip it in delicious hummus) with these same Iranians who are burning his effigy?

-Nobody has identified the "Mystery Miss Mantown" in my previous blog yet.  Please take a look (right).  It's not hard work...maybe you don't recognize the face, but a particular body part looks familiar.  We need your help!

-Last week we discussed the Massachusett's legislature establishing a commision to identify the "1,000 Great Places" here in Massachusetts. (Great use of taxpayer dollars, by the way).  Coming up next week on the show, I will begin a special audio and video feature on the air, and on this website, "My 25 Not So Great Places in Massachusetts".  If you have a suggestion on a "not so great place", please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and go Bruins!