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Random "Bloggings" for the New Year

An apology for those of you who really do read this blog but I did not update it ONCE on my vacation.  I was sick with the flu for the first week and then hanging out with the kids for the second, and I just didn't get around to it.  I do have several thoughts to share as we begin 2009 however:

-The Boston Bruins are going to win the Stanley Cup.  So as to avoid a "Hillman Jinx", I won't go any further or give you my "top ten reasons why" but I am predicting it now...Stanley Cup Finals in Boston.

-Is it ok to send out one of those cute photo Christmas cards with a pet other than a dog?  I am guilty of sending one out with Julia and Breese on it, but I got one this year that showed my friends bird.  I think it's a parakeet.  I mean, I like animals as much as the next guy, but I don't really need to see how much your bird has grown in the last year...

-There's a lot of talk about the Patriots franchising Matt Cassel.  I was at Friday's Celtics game and Matt and his wife were there and were very popular with the crowd.  At halftime, we were at the Celtics courtside club in Legends when the scroll on Comcast Sports Net said the Patriots would franchise him.  Both he and wife seemed kind of surprised but being the kind of guy he is, it didn't seem to phase him.  He basically just became 14 million dollars richer but he is such a great guy that I don't think it's that big of a deal to him.  If that were me, I would have pissed my pants.

-Speaking of that, if they franchise him and keep him (because of concerns about Tom Brady), would he be the most expensive back-up QB of all time?

-Matt promised me he would be on the show Wednesday or Thursday this week.  He has gone back home but swore he will call.  See?  Great guy!

-I broke down and got the new Blackberry Storm for Christmas.  Has anyone tried it?  I am not sure I like it yet.  It is obviously an attempt to compete with the IPhone, but I find it really hard to get my fat fingers on the little buttons.  It keeps switching to a different function every time I try to do something!  Maybe I should just go back to a bag phone...

-Looks like Al Franken is going to "steal" the Senate race in Minnesota.  (Thats what Democrats called it with Bush so I am using the same term).  This has been a bag job for Stuart Smalley from the start. He started off 215 votes suddenly he is 225 ahead.  And here's a shocker: when he started, he wanted "every vote counted".  Now that he's got the lead, he wants the Canvassing Board to certify the election TODAY! Never mind that his opponent, Norm Coleman, has several outstanding issues when it comes to the way these votes have been counted.  You watch...if Coleman goes to court, he will be called a "sore loser".  Hypocracy at it's finest!

-Finally, it's great to be back doing the show and I think we are going to have a great year.  As always, if there's anything we do on the show that you think sucks....or something that you like....feel free to let me know!