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Boston Celtic Brian Scalabrine was in the studio with us yesterday and, as you might imagine if you have seen him at games, he is a great guy with an incredible sense of humor!  Scal (and his team) didn't get back to Boston til around 2am the night before but he was up early and in the studio by 8 and he spent a good hour and 15 on the show, answering everybody's questions. Listen to his interview here: part 1 | part 2.

Scal also participated in a little "cinematic gold" and, I think, deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of a tall man that everyone needs something from in "Good to be Tall", which you can watch here.  NBA players get the rap of being arrogant and out of touch... but not Scal.  He is a great guy and promised to come back and do the show again in January.

After weeks of pressuring NFL "superstar" Matt Cassel to come on the show, I think we have worked out a deal and the Patriot's quarterback will be on Thursday morning from California.  All kidding aside, there is a lot of pressure on Cassel, and it's a big adjustment for him.  Last year, the biggest challenge he had was which cap to wear backwards on the sideline while working the clipboard for Tom.  Now... the hopes of an entire football dynasty rest on his shoulders.  The loss of Tedy Bruschi is a HUGE one for the Pats... can the depleted defense continue to string together enough stops to win out?  I think so.  I agree with yesterday's caller who said it's time to throw Izzo in the mix when it comes to situations other than special teams.

Fox apologized yesterday for showing the junk of NFL tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in the background of a locker room shot.  Is this really something the network needed to apologize for?  Are there a lot of kids tuned in to the post-game locker room interviews?  The only people watching were football fans, some of whom more than likely enjoyed seeing the junk of one of their favorite players.  This is an opportunity the NFL network has missed - nude locker room interviews.  It would definitely increase the female post game audience.

On a similar note, how did NESN's Heidi Watney not make the list of nominees for Playboys' annual Hottest Sportscaster poll?  In my humble opinion, she is, by far, the hottest local sports girl we have had in many years.  I'm sure that you, the perverted readers of this blog, may have other suggestions and I sit here, anxiously awaiting them!

Finally...Friday morning is our annual "Toys for Tots" live broadcast at Boch Toyota in Norwood.  The Marines are desperate this year.  Toy donations are way down so please bring a new, unwrapped toy to our show on Friday morning between 6am and 10am.  The annual Spaz/Michael Schlow cookoff will be happening there, we will get a special appearance from "Frosty the Can Man", who will sing some Christmas tunes, and former Patriot Ted Johnson will give us his thoughts on the rest of the season.  Hope to see you guys there!!!