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President Obama's big day

The inauguration of our first African American President is going to be an incredible day-so why do stupid people with obvious agenda's have to ruin it?

The head of the Alabama NAACP is upset that a performance group from his state will be marching in the inaugural parade in these period costumes.  He says it reminds him of slavery.  Don't you have to have lived through something to be reminded of it?  The only thing it reminds me of is "costumes equal funny".  We can't erase entire periods of our history because bad things went on during that time.  It's not like this group is wearing "plantation owner and slave" costumes.  These are the same period costumes they wear at Colonial Williamsburg... or Western Mass's tourist magnet, Sturbridge Village.  Come on.  Aren't there better things to worry about?  Polls in Alabama continue to show that Charles Barkley is a popular potential candidate for Governor.  That is something this guy should be afraid of.

The oversensitive, whiny, politically correct faction of this country is WRECKING IT.  We'll discuss this on tommorow's show so I hope you will take part.