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In the presence of an Oscar winner...

It's not often that we have an Oscar winning actor or actress in our studio, and on our show.  Ok...it's NEVER.  This morning, we had Timothy Hutton ("Turk 182", "Ordinary People", "Falcon and the Snowman") in the studio, and he could not have been a nicer guy!

Some actors/actresses tell you before they come on your show that they will get pissed and end the interview if you ask about certain things.  For instance, Chad Lowe (I would list his body of work but it's pretty much "24" and "brother of Rob") and his people told us to ask no questions about his ex-wife or his brother.  There are 3 choices you can make when you hear this:  opt not to have the guest on and we do that alot.  Have the guest on and don't ask the question.  Or have the guest on and ask the question near the end of the interview (see Al Sharpton, Jose Canseco, Jon Cusack et al).  In Chad's case on Tuesday, I mentioned his brother and he didn't freak out so sometimes I think it's an over paranoid publicist who puts the warning out, believing they are saving their client the trouble of talking about anything interesting..but...back to the Oscar winner.

Mr. Hutton grew up on J Street in Arlington.  Didn't know that.  He does a lot of films about spies or people charged with being enemies of the United States.  I asked him why.  I think he was disturbed when Spaz asked him about his virginity.  And he thought it was pretty funny that LB got the name wrong of what he said was his favorite Timothy Hutton film.  Listen to what he said here.

After the interview, he did a bunch of things for the show that we asked, without complaining or saying he was too busy.  Meeting an Oscar winner...a GREAT ACTOR...who has been in the business for a long time and had no attitude whatsoever, reminded me that there is hope for Hollywood after all.