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Oh, yeah...that's hot.

I will fill you in on what, exactly, is NOT hot in just a moment, but first....

-Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel was on the show today.  He talked about being willing to back up Tom Brady next year, if that's what he has to do.  Not much chance of that happening, in my opinion.  The Patriots will franchise Cassel, then either Brady can play or he can't.  If he can, they trade Cassel.  If he can't, Matt is the QB next year.   You can listen to his interview here.

-Violence continues to spread...not in the Middle East, but among parents at Chuckie Cheese.  Please watch this video and tell me if you can ever see yourself in this situation.  We have discussed before that alcohol ought not to be available at CC....it's just not necessary.  Well, maybe as a disinfectant for the ball pit...but other than that, I think most parents can wait til they get back to the trailer to have a Natty Light.  How many of you have seen behavior unbecoming an adult at a Chuckie Cheese?

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ohii4pbXxi8" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

-Spaz is inconsolable now that reports are in that sources say Michael Jackson has six months to live.  Granted they may not be the most credible, however, one is his biographer who says this is why Michael wants to mend fences with Paul McCartney by giving him his share of the Beatles catalog that he owns.  If you believe that Michael is a pedophile, then you must think this is justice.  One of the most famous, and successful, musicians of our time... no longer making meaningful music, and on death's doorstep.  If you don't think he touched little tykes, then it would be sad that he is dying at a relatively young age.

-Finally... the following photo (right) is not Michael Jackson.  And it is NOT hot.  It is fashion designer Donatella Versace on the beach at St. Barts.  Remind me when I get old (you may think I need to be told this now anyway) NOT to wear a bathing suit.  Especially if it is going to be photograped.  Is that Magda from "Something about Mary"?  What would be better able to withstand years of bad weather- a Versace leather jacket or Donatella's skin?  She looks like an alligator with a new set of fake tits. I know we all get old-I am just reminding myself to stay off the beach after a certain point.

Have a great weekend.  See you at the World of Wheels at the Bayside Expo Center on Saturday night.  And we will be back Monday at 5:45!