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Oh, Brittany...

Before I dissect the Brittany Spears alleged "tell-all" docu-drama that aired on the drama network, MTV, the other night (and has aired 14 times since, I'm sure), some show notes for you neo-cons:

-Mike Vrabel of the Patriots will be on tomorrow at 7:30.  He has written a new children's book and he is really excited about it.  Unlike some of the dumber NFL players (that's your cue, Plaxico), Mike is a really intelligent guy and this book is cool.  He is also firmly convinced that this team will make the playoffs.

-Spaz is taking a trip up to the new "Man Town" store at the Burlington Mall to find out where they came up with the incredibly original concept.  Thanks to everyone who emailed or went up there to take photos.  We will play that audio tomorrow.

-One of my favorite actors of all time, Timothy Hutton, is coming in the studio on Thursday.  If you haven't seen "Beautiful Girls", it is a great movie and I think it's set in Massachusetts, although they don't really say. The characters are always wearing Celtics gear and drinking a lot.  That sounds like here in the 80's, right?

Now on to Brittany.  I know some people just ignore the train wreck/soap opera that is her life but I can't seem to do that.  I am fascinated but what is going on with her and I can't really figure it out.  Is she breaking free of the psychological torment that she fought through with the help of her father and coming out back on top?  Or is she a drugged up, money making hostage that her father has seized control of via mind control?  If you get a chance to watch this supposed "tell-all", I would love to know what you think is really happening.  Since they didn't really ask too many "pointed" questions, here are the 5 questions I would have asked the lovely spears girl:

1. What did you do that was so lunatic they wheeled you out in a stretcher, locked you in a straight jacket and kept you in the padded room for 48 hours?

2. Do you ever check your bank balance and wonder why your father withdraws $5,000 a day?

3. Are there homemade porno's of you and Kevin, you and Adnan, you and Nick Nolte, you and yourself...and how much could you have made by selling them?

4. What is so great about the latte's at Starbucks that you are willing to risk a paparazzi stampede just to venture out and get one?

5. How stupid was Kevin Federline.  Really.  How stupid?

Unfortunately, I wasn't the interviewer.  And I'm pretty sure Daddy Spears would not have approved most of my questions.

Thanks for reading.