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More PETA chicks...less Jessica Simpson

I have to hand it to PETA.  They definitely know how to get some good press for themselves.  This time it's the National Broadcasting Company which served themselves up to the People for the Ethical Treatment of animals as their, forgive the pun, sacrificial lamb.  PETA has created an ad for this Sunday's "Big Game" (I am now so beaten down by the lawyers here at Entercom, I am not sure I can even call it the Superbowl in my blog.  When it comes to our lawyers, I am like the cow and the electric face.  Poor choice of analogies, I know).  Back to PETA, who's ad wants you to believe that vegetarians have better sex.  You can watch it below.

Pretty well done, right?  Of course, the prudes at NBC (who step all over themselves getting every Viagra, Cialis and Liquor spot buy available for the "Big Event in Tampa") naturally reject it because, I gather, it might be offensive to all the kids who are up watching the game.  Yes, it would be horrible if a child saw a hot vegetarian rubbing a pumpkin suggestively.  But when 67 year old "Doug" and his hot, younger wife get in the hot tub, and talk about how upsetting it is when company arrives and they have to put off smashing each other, that's perfectly acceptable.

The loser in this is NBC, and as always, the real winner is PETA.  They grab some hot model-actresses (aren't they all?), pay them union scale, produce a commercial and, without SPENDING A CENT, their ad is all over television, radio and the internet.  Hate to do it, but I have to give them credit.  Doesn't mean I won't be enjoying a giant, rare Porterhouse, pre-game, somewhere in Tampa!

Sorry I have to share the now infamous Jessica Simpson photos in this space, but I promised on the show today that I would.  What has happened to one of the hottest women in the world?  Perhaps, it's just that the relationship with Tony Romo is going so well, she doesn't have to worry about gaining a few extra pounds.  Hey, if she's happy, more power to her.  Should create a controversy over what role she will be playing in "Dukes of Hazzard: Duex" though...Daisy or Boss Hog?

Final question to ponder...what's bigger?  Jessica Simpson's ass or LB's squash?