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Miscellaneous Monday

While you guys fight with the "Commodore of Capitalization", I will digress and share a few thoughts, since it appears that the threat of the 'Noreaster has passed....

-Mark my words, "Eastbound and Down" on HBO is headed for "Soprano's"-like greatness.  The story of a down and out major league baseball player, written and produced by Will Farrell, it is everything a show on HBO should be.  There is just no way to imagine this show on network television, and that is where HBO shines.  The stories are what you would imagine when it comes to retired athletes and Will Ferrell is great as local car dealer, Ashley Schaffer.  Only two episodes have aired so it's not too late to start tuning in.  You won't regret it.  Danny McBride is incredible as Kenny Perry, the past his prime pitcher who still thinks he is a superstar, and not a washed up, stuck up athlete. Make sure you watch through the credits on the second episode...there's a great car commercial with Ferrell's character:

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-I can't believe Rhianna went back to that douche Chris Brown.  This is classic battered woman behavior, and I hope there is someone she listens to who can change her mind.  Someone should sit her down and tell her the story of Nicole Brown Simpson, how many times she continued to be with OJ after he hit her, broke into her house, etc.  I would hope that her mentor, Jay Z, might be able to change her mind.  They should just keep texting her the picture of her after he beat her, until she realizes that he is not a human being.

-Everyone was calling this morning and saying that Pioli and the Chiefs got the better of the Patriots in the Vrabel-Cassel deal.  I do not agree.  Matt Cassel had an incredible year but did not beat 5 playoff teams.  There is a list of NFL QB's who had one great year and never performed at the same level again, and that list is called "morning shift at Subway".  It's tough to be a sucessful QB in the NFL, and maintain it year after year.  I think it is much better to free up salary for guys like Wilfork and Seymour (and maybe Ray Lewis) than hold out and hope the market improves for a guy like Matt and you get more for him.  I wish him great luck...hope he has an incredible career, but I always bet on Belichek.  The guy just isn't wrong.  If you missed former Patriot Ted Johnson on the show talking about the deal today, here's a link.

-speaking of Ted, everyone always asks me how he is doing.  He is doing great!  Still has some limited headaches but, in general, is doing really well considering how many concussions he had.  By the way, he thinks it was in the "hundreds"!

-Great news...the Miss Mantown calendar project is coming back...bigger and better than ever.  I really can't tell you much now...just make sure you are listening (and visiting on Mantown Monday March 16th.

-John Cena, WWE superstar and hollywood actor, will be in the studio with us tomorrow.  Get your questions ready...we touched on the steriod thing when he called the other day, but he said he had way more to talk about when he came in.

Thanks for reading.  This blog, unlike the 461 billion dollar spending package our President is about to sign, does NOT contain any Earmarks.  Despite his lofty campaign promises, there are 8,600 in his.  Talk to you tommorow morning.