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Message to "Miserable Matt"

Or "traffic boy" as some are fond of calling you on this blog.  I don't usually take the time to waste a whole blog with a response to one...but...since you accused me of "censorship" because one of your comments didn't get posted, I thought I would make sure I made the effort.

I don't approve or accept the posts on this blog-we pay someone to do that.  I did, however, check on your comment and I assume you are referring to the one where you blame ME for the mortgage crisis because I did commercials for a mortgage company?  That's brilliant.  And you're right...I will take the blame.  I will also take the blame for all drunk driving incidents because I do commercials for several alcoholic beverages.  And what about Obesity and Heart problems...I am the voice you hear on Capital Grille commercials on this station.  How about auto accidents?  I do those damn Boch commercials and prey on stupid drivers, forcing them to buy automobiles they can't drive.  Maybe I will start endorsing an energy company and then you can blame me for Global Warming.  How 'bout all those poor souls who bought a Post Woodworking Shed they couldn't afford, and now the bank is coming to take it?

It's called "flawed logic", Matt, and you excel at it.  You don't ever want anyone to be held personally responsible for anything.  Its so much easier to blame someone else when life doesn't happen just the way it should.

Sorry to waste everyone's time but I was accused of censorship...and I don't take that lightly.  Maybe I should sue someone?