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Last remaining thoughts of the week…..

Before I leave to get ready for tonight’s Halloween Thrillogy…and the BBQ Festival at Wachusett tommorow….a few final thoughts on what happened this week:

OFFENSIVE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES:  In an email to students, the University of Colorado detailed offensive Halloween costumes that are banned on campus this year.  The wildly outrageous costumes that won’t be allowed include the “cowboy” costume.  Can anyone tell me who they are afraid of offending with the cowboy costume?  The Marlboro Man?  Since when did the brave American man who tamed the wild west on his horse become offensive?  Since we are discussing one of our American institutions of higher enlightenment , where common sense is an afterthought, maybe it’s as simple as changing the name of the costume to “cow-person”.  But then that might get PETA all riled up.  Say goodbye to Halloween in about 5 years.

NATION OF PUSSIES:  The first ever bullying report involving school sports has been filed in Texas, by the parents of a stiff who’s football team was beaten 91-0 by an opposing team.  Aledo head coach Tim Buchanon said, by law, he had to follow up on the complaint but he is not sure what to do to prevent a football player from feeling bullied because his team was soundly beaten.  Here’s what they want you to do, coach: stop scoring on the other team.  It makes them feel bad.  Just toss the ball around, or even better, throw the football to the other team’s CB’s, and they’ll throw it back to you.  Has anyone’s feelings ever been hurt in a game of catch?  Say goodbye to any kind of competitive high school sports in about 5 years.

NATION OF PUSSIES, TWO:  A high school football player/wrestler in St. Paul, Minnesota went to court this week after being suspended from sports for making a “terroristic” threat in a tweet he sent.  Tyson Leon of Shakopee High School tweeted that he was planning to “drill” his teammates during an upcoming football scrimmage.  So, now the word “drill” is offensive?  The only time it scares me is when my dentist says it.  Is there a rogue band of home improvement terrorists who’ve threatened our nation with their Black & Deckers that I don’t know about? Say goodbye to violent words in about 3 years.

It’s too depressing to go on.  That’s it for the week.