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Jay-Z is gonna be pissed...

Because I care about more than just the President's ACORN thugs breaking and entering in the name of someone unknown "right to own a home" that they believe they were endowed by the creator with, I am passing along an even more important item that has appeared recently...Beyonce's nipple.

I have new found respect for the Oscars.  I thought the show sucked.  I didn't like Hugh Jackman because I didn't think he was funny.  I actually preferred Billy Crystal and the opening bit he used to do incorporating himself into all the movies.  I agree with Hsu that there were not nearly enough actual clips of movies-that is, after all, what the show is about.  However, now I understand what they were doing.  Playing on the success of the Janet Jackson/Timberlake Super Bowl extravaganza, they presented one of Beyonce's lovely areoli and the protruting nipple.  Take a look:

I can't take credit for finding it.  That belongs to some poor soul in a basement in middle America who spent hours analyzing video and blowing up stills.  (Someone should refer him to the police...or do you think Jay-Z's "crew" will take care of it?).  I do wonder if Congress will investigate...and if ABC will be fined $500,000.  If this became a common Oscar occurance, I would watch every year.  Thank God Sophia Loren was not in the dance number.