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Hugh Hefner and Ryan Seacrest

I never thought I would say this, but...I feel bad for Hugh Hefner.  Here we thought he had it made, living in the mansion with three incredible girlfriends.  He's in his 80's and all these POA chicks want to do is bang the master all day long!  Sadly, we have learned today that this is just not the case.

Hef's former girlfriend, the brain-matter challenged Kendra Wilkinson, has given an interview to The Sun, in which she admits to sneaking out of "The Mansion" when she wanted to get laid.  Blasphemy!  How could she say such a thing?  She admits to only seeing Hef ONCE a day-and she never spent any time alone with him!  I can't believe the lie that is reality television!  Here I was, watching "The Girls Next Door" with a swell of admiration that Hef was a man who pretty much had figured it all out.  Now, just like Evil Knievel trying to ride a rocket over the Grand Canyon, we don't know if ANY of it was true.

And what does this say about Hef as a businessman?  He was a cartoonist and school newspaper guy in college, built the Playboy empire from nothing into a billion dollar entity, and continued to evolve with the times.  Yet never once considered making these girls sign confidentiality agreements?  Didn't he know they would leave and spill the jizz...er, beans...whatever the expression is?

I'm thinking of boycotting the show this season...unless these three new girls who are moving in are really hot.  You know what?  Hef is definitely getting some of that.

How 'bout that Ryan Seacrest?  The new season of American Idle (yes, I did that on purpose) is on and Ryan ran into a slight problem with a blind contestant the other night.  Watch here.  Gotta give him credit for grabbing the guys hand and completing the high five.  Can't wait til later on this season when Ryan tries to dance with the contestant in the wheelchair.

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Coming up on Friday's show....Lisa Rinna, who is supposed to be doing Playboy again...Beau Bridges...and Red Sox Hall of Famer Jim Rice.  Growing up, Jim Ed Rice was one of my favorite players (Bernie Carbo was the guy I idolized the most) and I can't wait to talk to him tommorow.  He will be on at 8:45.

Talk to you tommorow!