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Celebrity Tree Planters

Congratulations, Hollywood stars:  your guy won the election and he is now the President of the United States.  Hopefully, he will do great things when he "gets right to work" today...and in the future.  However, I have to ask you Cameron, and Demi, and Eva and Ashton....what took you so long?  I was watching your video just now.  You know the one where you pledge to do "great things" in the "service" of Barack Obama?  (see below).  And I was wondering where you have been for the last 8 years?

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When this country was attacked in 2001, you guys were all over television talking about how we had to join together to fight a common enemy.  Stupid me...I didn't know that enemy was the President of the United States!  Most of you just couldn't get over that contested election the year before and so you thought George Bush was the enemy, right?  He lied about the war and therefore you didn't have to do anything to support him?  Or be his "servant", as you pledge to President Obama.

I think it's great that Eva Longoria is gonna plant 500 trees...really, I do.  (I think we are gonna need to see the video evidence, though, don't you?).  I think it's great that Diddy is gonna shut the lights off.  (Which house do you think he's talking about?  East or West coast?).  I think it's wonderful that someone like Barack Obama can move all of you self-absorbed Hollywood phonies to get involved in service in your community.  I really do.  I just find it odd that you haven't all felt that way forever.  Why does it take a President who's a democrat to get you motivated?  Imagine our image around the world if you had accepted George Bush as our President and pledged to be his servant, especially when the country was at war?

I don't mean to be suspicious.  I am sure that every one of those Hollywood superstars will immeadiately begin honoring what they pledged.  As soon as their agent or PR person calls and reminds them what they pledged.