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Back to Reality in TITLETOWN

As you know, I have said ever since the "ACL tear that was heard around the world" that I still thought the Patriots would be a 10 and 6 football team.  What I didn't know, was that 10 and 6 might not be a good enough record to win the AFC East!  These guys will win at least 3 of their last four games.  Arizona may give them a run for their money but it is still a real possibility that they will finish at 11 and 5 and win the division.  That said, this is not a "top tier" Patriots team (like we are use to) and they will need a few assists if they are going anywhere in the playoffs.  We are all going to have to face the fact that we are back to reality when it comes to our football team in "Titletown".  A few quick Patriot thoughts:

-Matt Light was on the show this morning and owned up to having an awful game.  He was honest about the trouble he had with Harrison and the fact that he is now more familiar with the back of his jersey than the front!  Even though you cruel listeners call him "the human turnstyle", I have to give him credit for getting up and coming on the show after a horrendous loss.  Listen to his interview as a podcast here.

-Deltha O'Neil should be released tommorow.  As I said on the show today, his footwork looked like what I'd expect from LB on "Dancing with the Stars".  He was lost.  He looked like Spaz at the Playboy Mansion.  He was out of place.  Like Sarah Paylin at an abortion clinic.  Need I go on?  He is not up to the task and does not belong on this team, at this time.

-Kevin Faulk and Mike Vrabel are the two most dependable players on offense and defense, respectively, on this team.  Both had good games in a losing effort.

What happens if the Patriots don't make the playoffs?  What else is there to do on a January weekend?  Are we all gonna meet up at the "World Of Wheels"?  Take a group trip to the Edaville Railroad?  Head out to Patriot Place and watch the Jets and Steelers in the AFC Championship?  I shudder to think about it!   But don't give up on these guys yet.  A win Sunday in Seattle, the week after in Oakland...and a couple Jets losses...and we're in the playoffs.  Can Miami and Buffalo beat the Jets?   It's going to be interesting...

I am off to work on my top ten reasons the Jets will beat San Francisco.  Go Pats!