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Al Sharpton strikes again!

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside and enjoy the thrill of another February day, The Reverend Al Sharpton had to go and ruin it.  Mr Sharpton is a man who makes his living off declaring everyone...and everything....racist.  But call him on it, and he hangs up, as evidenced by his last appearance on our show.

He has outdone himself today, however.  Reverand Sharpton apparently woke up this morning, and while enjoying a hearty breakfast (I am only assuming-he doesn't look like he eats fruit and vegetables), picked up his copy of the NY Post to get the latest on the Lohan/Ronson saga.  Unfortunately, he was shocked to find a cartoon based on a topical, newsworthy event-the shooting of the chimpanzee in neighboring Connecticut.  We spent a lot of time on this story on this morning's I'm sure did every media outlet.  Take a look at the cartoon, that you will soon learn is extremely offensive, below:

Reverand Sharpton says the cartoon "is troubling at best, given the historic racist attacks of African Americans as being synonymous with Monkees.  Is it not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?"  The Reverand points out, as if we all don't already know, that Barack Obama is our first African American president.  The protests, and the demands for firings, are coming next.

First of all, as much as we all want to believe that he is an all-knowing, uber intelligent world saving machine, Barack Obama did not singlehandedly write the stimulus bill.  (Soon to be known as the Recovery Act, did you notice?).  In truth, Congress wrote it.  So the cartoonist is apparently making reference to the fact that the bill was written by chimpanzees.  I would wholeheartedly agree!  Does Mr. Sharpton really think, in this day and age as they compete for dwindling advertiser dollars, a major newspaper would run a cartoon making the first African American president out to be a monkey?  Or is this just more of the same trumping up false claims of racism to make sure he has a reason to exist?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, because I want to know if I'm off base here.  Is it okay to call Congress a bunch of monkees....or does that cartoon automatically make you think "racist"?  And please don't bring that thoughtful question up should you have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Sharpton, because he will hang up on you.