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The Ten Worst Gifts People Have Gotten from Coworkers

Are you buying presents for any coworkers this year? 22% of us are, according to a new survey. And 21% are planning to buy something for their boss. Most people who ARE buying something said they're spending less than $25 . . . 33% will spend less than $10 . . . and 11% plan to spend $5 or less... Read More

The Average Single Person Dates HOW MANY PEOPLE?

Apparently single people today are a LOT better at multitasking than they used to be. According to a new study by eHarmony, the average single person now dates SIX people at the same time. Apparently online dating, Tinder, and social media have made it a hell of a lot easier to find tons of people... Read More

Man Fights Off Bear TWICE. Man Posts Video To Facebook. Man Rules.

Todd Orr was out for a hike in Montana on Saturday, and encountered a mother bear with her cubs in an open meadow. The mother bear charged him, and despite the fact that he emptied an entire can of bear spray, he was STILL attacked... TWICE! Check out the amazing video, and his description of the... Read More


AC/DC has postponed the rest of their tour . . . and it's all because of singer Brian Johnson's health issue. Apparently, the loud music was making Brian go deaf. The band released this statement: "Brian has been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss." They said... Read More

A Roundup Of Stupid Florida News This Week

Hey kids! Happy weekend! We've had some gems of stories this week in Florida, so I figured I'd bring them all together for you here. This is almost like dining-and-dashing, but with a whole new wrinkle. And you're about to find out why my use of "wrinkle" here is a stellar pun. 31-year-old Nicole... Read More