Tuesday Recap!

January 7, 2014


That was pretty much the main message we heard yesterday, since the warm temperatures during the day were going to make all the snow melt, and the frigid temperatures last night would make everything freeze.  Luckily, most of the wet surfaces had dried up before any black ice had a chance to form.  We're still dealing with this crazy polar vortex.  Evidently, it sounds much fancier than it actually is.  We spoke with our pal, Nelly Carreno, meterologist at NECN, and she gave us the lowdown on what the polar vortex means.  Check it out here if you missed it, and follow Nelly on Twitter!

One big controversy that has been looming since last night's BCS National Championship game is the tweet sent by the mother of Alamaba QB AJ McCarron in response to the post-game interview done by FSU's Jameis Winston.  Everyone immediately started fishing around in his or her pocket or purse looking for a race card to throw at this situation.  When asked what was said to coach Jimbo Fisher after the game, Winston's response was this:

“We champions,” Winston said. “We can share that. We are champions together. And through everything that we went through. Through all the haters. Through every single thing, we came our victorious. God did this. I’m so blessed. He’s so blessed. All the stuff that he handled with Ethan (Fisher, the coach’s son) and he come out here and coach us? That touched me. And it’s nobody but God. It’s nobody.”

AJ's mom Dee Dee promptly sent the following tweet (screenshot courtesy Larry Brown Sports):

We posed the question on our Facebook page to see if our listeners shared the sentiment that this was a "racist" reaction.  Most felt that it was outrageous that a kid in college can't speak proper English, and that it was not a race issue at all.  What are your thoughts on the issue?


Typically, we go inside the simple male mind with LB on Mondays, but since we had a new game yesterday, it was pushed back until today.  If you missed his advice, here it is!  Inside the Simple Male Mind


Here are a few other stories we discussed:

Evander Holyfield feels that being gay is a choice, and that gays can be "fixed."  Cue world outrage.  Evander Holyfield comments

The Omaha Police Department is in hot water over posting a video of a young child swearing and calling it the Thug Cycle.  OPD Blog Post

It was 20 long years ago that local darling Nancy Kerrigan was forced to ask "Whyyyyyy?"  Tonya Harding is the subject of a new documentary.  (DISCLAIMER:  We realize many of you have no idea who these two are.  Thanks for keeping us young.)