Friday Recap!

January 10, 2014

One of the main stories we discussed this morning was the lunch lady in Weymouth who is accused of having sex with a friend's 15-year-old son.  When I looked at the photo from her court appearance, I immediately thought, "it's that chick."  It's not a good thing.  It's not a bad thing.  It's just "that chick."  Everyone has at least one in his/her stable of friends.  Everyone has seen the posts on Facebook that come from a "that chick."  I was having a little trouble verbalizing what exactly "that chick" means, but luckily, our astute texters chimed in with almost 1,000 texts (I know, I counted) to help clarify WHO exactly THAT CHICK is.  I'm going to try to compile the best of them over the weekend and will post on Monday.  Here are a few great examples:

That chick always posts pictures of her and her friends feet

That chick does duck face in every photo

That chick drinks a whole bottle of wine and claims you drugged her

That chick faked she was pregnant....twice

That chick still has a myspace that's active

That chick still thinks Aaron Hernandez is hot

That chick is always posting passive aggressive status updates and then when people ask what's wrong, she posts that she can't stand how everyone is nosy

That chick has bedazzled nails

That chick has a sexy profile pic on Facebook with her 3 year old son photo bombing in the background

That chick has three other that chicks in her circle of friends and rotates which one she fights with

That chick has at least one piece of clothing that says princess, angel, or bella

There are so, so, SO many more.  Check out the podcast if you missed it.  What kinds of traits do YOU think "that chick" has?  Comment below!

One texter pointed out that Blake Lively's character in "The Town" is a great example of "that chick" and I concur:


We nearly missed him because of flight delays, but we were delighted to be joined by actor David Koechner this morning.  He shared stories with us about shooting Anchorman 2 and how he and Will Ferrell met.  Probably one of the best things was when he started calling Greg "Pre-Cut Melon."  Priceless.  Overall he's a stand-up guy.  If you missed David, listen here.  Also, check out our photo gallery.  


Some other things we discussed this morning:

A giant solar flare is hurtling toward earth and is poised to screw up your communications devices.  You've been warned.  

Men, would you wear a bra?  Because one Japanese company thinks you should.  

We've found N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un's aunt.  She had brain surgery and is described as being in a "vegetative state."  Sounds legit.


Have a fantastic weekend, and Go Pats!  We will be back bright and early Monday morning!