Godsmack 1000hp Preview Hosted by Mistress Carrie

August 4, 2014

Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum hard rock titans GODSMACK unleash their sixth full-length album, 1000hp, for Republic Records on August 5th.

Since forming in 1995, the quartet – SULLY ERNA [vocals, guitar], TONY ROMBOLA [guitar], ROBBIE MERRILL [bass], and SHANNON LARKIN [drums] – continue to tap into the unbreakable spirit and diehard work ethic evocative of their hometown. The band once again teamed up with Dave Fortman [Slipknot, Evanescence] to co-produce 1000hp. Together, they capture a booming intensity and raw energy that's equally anthemic and arena-ready.

For the inside scoop on 1000hp, MX2 Media enlisted Mistress Carrie to travel to the newly built Godsmack Headquarters just thirty minutes north of Boston. It’s an old warehouse the band converted into a fully loaded recording studio, and was the birthplace of the latest from Godsmack.

Carrie sat down with Shannon and Sully in the control room of Godsmack HQ to talk 1000hp. This is the full conversation and contains extended interview segments that did not appear in the program broadcast on radio stations worldwide.