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Kathy's a complainer. This has been established. Check out her latest gripes in Kathy's Korner!

So... say you have a friend who just had a baby. And you think the baby looks suspiciously like her ex. Do you tell her husband/boyfriend/fiance? That's what we tackle during today's edition of WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?


The Governor of Massachusetts joined us for our monthly segment, "Breakfast with Baker." Here's everything Charlie had t

You wanted more "Inside the Warped Female Brain..." YOU GOT IT!  We delved into MANY topics today, instead of just one!

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90's fashion. Almost worst ever. And it's coming back. Don't believe me? Check it out:

Another Monday means another trip to Masshole Theater!

Mentalist Christopher Grace joined us again in studio this morning... I legit can't figure out some of his illusions. I have no idea how he knew what we drew... do you? (We'll link the video as soon as it's available!)

Randy Bachman, of BTO and The Guess Who, joined us this morning to talk all things rock! He had some fabulous stories to tell: 

You love her or you hate her: Kathy. 

We learned more about Kathy today, including how her ex-husband died, and why she can't stand his family.

That Chick was in very rare form this morning. Thus, she decided to hijack the show. 

Bringing your own food to restaurants? Sounds like a pain in the ass thing to do. But... you might have a very good reason for it.