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That Chick was in very rare form this morning. Thus, she decided to hijack the show. 

Bringing your own food to restaurants? Sounds like a pain in the ass thing to do. But... you might have a very good reason for it.

I thought it would be fun to recap the tweets I saw yesterday from ladies (and dudes) who, even though they know he is a convicted murderer, still LOVE Aaron Hernandez.

We love getting surprise calls on the show. Today, Ted Daniel of Fox25 checked in to give us the latest on how the deliberations are going in the Aaron Hernandez trial:

Well, well, well... the prudes refused to do Masshole Theater this week, so we needed an assist from "that chick."

Nancy Reagan was good in bed. At least, that's how it was according to LB. Find out what we learned about The Berlin Wall during "LB on History":

Wow... EPIC Inside the Warped Female Brain today. A listener asked why his wife was always talking about their sex life in front of their friends, and the convo took on a life of its own!

If you missed it, Greg jinxed the oldest woman in the world last week just by talking about her. She died. Hill-man Jinx strikes again.

What's the deal with chicks letting guys buy them drinks, and then taking off? We explore the controversy during "Inside the Warped Female Brain!"

It's MLB Opening Day! And that means another edition of "Joe Castiglione Name That Tune!"

"LB on History" is quickly reaching new heights when it comes to accuracy.


Just kidding. It's absurd.


Today's subject? Benedict Arnold:

He was hated in Boston for a long time (he was on the other end of that ball that rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in Game 6 of the '86

It's a massive cheating scandal during What Would Deacon Do today! He said, she said galore!

We've been having a two-day debate over raising the wage for fast food workers to $15 an hour.