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Do you think it's possible, in 2014, that random people are taking minute-long videos of the President working out?  Even after the Secret Service has swept the whole hotel in Poland AND the gym?

New England Patriot Shane Vereen stopped in this morning to talk a little Pats' football, and to give us the run down on his upcoming football camp, the proceeds from which will benefit Children's Hospital in L.A.

No doubt you've heard the phrase "blondes have more fun."  You're probably also familiar with the term "dumb blonde."  Well, scientists have determined this word pair isn't necessarily correct.

Ann B.

"Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet accused KISS' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of being jerks to his mom on a recent flight.  Eric wasn't there . . .

It was a busy day today!

Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow got into it on the social medias with columnist Ann Hornaday who, basically, blamed the Elliott Rodger massacre on idealism in movies.  Check out the article here and then read on.  

Phil Collins showed up at a Miami middle school last week.  He hasn't been able to perform in the last years... he's actually pretty much disappeared... because he has a serious health issue.

James Montgomery Live On The Hill-Man Morning Show interview below, with additional blues jam after the show.

Investigators reportedly want to speak with the tattoo artist(s) that did work on Aaron Hernandez in the months after he allegedly killed several men.

What a fantastic day!  We hosted the 2nd Annual "Miss Boch-kini Pageant" at Ernie Boch's house in Norwood, MA.  


Do you know what ATM means?  It's where you get money, right?  Well, kinda.

Did you watch the Billboard Music Awards last night?  Did you catch the Michael Jackson hologram performance?  What did you think of it?

We wrapped up another season of Thursdays With Thorty this morning.  Shawn Thornton gave us his thoughts on losing the series against the Canadiens.  Lots of people are calling for change within the organization.

Tough loss, Bruins fans.  It's a good thing our Mayor didn't bet something foolish, like making a bet over flying a flag... oh, wait...

It's Game 7 Day!  That means we had to have another installment of "Hotties Who Know Hockey," and NHL Network's Kathryn Tappen joined us again to talk all things Bruins!

Ah,  Donald Sterling.  Still keepin' it in the news.  If you missed his interview with Anderson Cooper last night because you were watching the Bruins not show up for Game 6, here it is:

Well, B's won, so that made it a great weekend.  Unless you're a Habs fan.  In that case:

Have you heard the new Donald Sterling audio?  Where he just HAPPENS to be on the phone with his BUDDY talking about how he's NOT a racist?  Jeez... read from the script a little more, why don't you.