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Woman backs out of dive at the last second... should have thought it through.

COMICON happened in San Diego over the weekend, and we have a few things to go over.  First of all, they debuted a 5 minute teaser of the season premiere of "Family Guy" which features a crossover with the Simpsons.

Heads up - there's a nice condo for sale in Austin, Texas.  Here's the description in the real estate listing:

BANNED from the donut shop!  One four year old was booted from his local store because he asked a woman if she was pregnant.  She wasn't.

There's a big controversy over teen who took 

The lovely Traci Bingham joined us in studio today.  The former Baywatch actress is a Cambridge native, so she came by to chat all things swimsuit, and get creeped on by Greg.

Danny Nickerson is five years old.  

This woman has been confronting her catcallers, and here's what happened:

By now, you're likely familiar with the developing details of yesterday's Malaysia Airlines crash, but if not, here's a brief for you:  

Greg evidently has a sensitive side, which he demonstrated during our discussion about chick flicks this morning.  You probably already knew he loved "The Notebook", but here's what he had to say about other movies:

I bet you never wanted to see Kanye in a failed pilot about his travel agent.  Well, sorry, but I'm putting it here anyway!

It's a penis in the clouds. One woman driving down the highway in England spotted this bad boy and decided to put it out over the interwebs.  

Tomorrow is my birthday... and if you'd like to get me a gift, you can help me take care of more animals.  I love the work I do with my fosters and my critical care animals.  It gets very expensive.

Is that weed, son?  No officer, it's just a moldy fry...


It was Ouija Wednesday!  The boys messed around with the board, and I hid in the other room.  Sure, maybe that isn't enough to protect me, but I wanted nothing to do with being in here.  

Is this Nation of Pussies?  This Yankee fan is SUING ESPN for making fun of him for falling asleep during a Yankees game... to the tune of $10 million.  We think this won't even go before a judge...

For your viewing pleasure:


Great White shark attacks swimmer in Manhattan Beach, CA!

This is Dan Maurer.  He's got a tumor in his scrotum that is causing it to weigh 100 pounds.  Hear about his story here:

So many fab things for you to waste time with this morning:


A guy was at a restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand, and had his phone stolen by a monkey.

Ahhh Monday, time once again for another visit to Masshole Theater!