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Happy Halloween!  We had a lot of friends come join us this morning!  

Here are the winners of our costume contest!  

Every Thursday at 8:15 during the season, we speak with Boston Bruin DANIEL PAILLE!  Here's what Paizy had to say today!

In case you missed it - here's "What Would Deacon Do?"

Adult Toy Price Is Right!

It's Monday, so that means we have to go inside the simple male mind:

Marlon Wayans joined us in studio this morning!  Sometimes, celebs come in, and they are total dicks.  Not the case with Marlon.  Great guy, all around.  Can't say enough about him.

Before we do anything, here's a heads up about what's happening on tomorrow's show:  The Hill-man Huddle with Rob Ninkovich at 7:20, KISS' Gene Simmons at 8:40, and Marlon Wayans will be in studio during the 9 o'clock hour

In case you missed it, I vomited up a new character this morning... THAT OTHER CHICK:

In case you missed the most epic local news coverage as of late: 

It's Monday, and that means we have to go inside the simple male mind with LB!

Well... love him or hate him, Matt Fraser joined us again today for FRIDAYS WITH FRASER.  Check out the podcast if you missed it.  And if it's not your thing, just scroll on by.

Check out what you might have missed this morning!

This morning, we spoke with Anthrax guitarist SCOTT IAN!  Here's what he had to say about all things rock:

STEEL PANTHER visited us in studio this morning, in honor of Looney Tune Tuesday!  Check out their performance!

Reverend Rob WRECKED another children's classic this week.  We present to you, MASSHOLE THEATER - Lion King.