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Our buddy Ernie Boch Jr. stopped by to talk about next week's TOYS FOR TOTS live broadcast that will happen Friday, December 12th!  He's got a pretty cool incentive for businesses to help drive toy donations:

Did you miss Facts Schmacts?  

Here's what you might have missed today:

We are not quite sure how LB does it either... but he manages: 

It was quite a good edition of Inside the Simple Male Mind this morning:

Well, for a long time, it has bothered me that the voice I use for "that chick" somehow was transitioned from "Barbie."  So I had to clarify that "that chick" has a vastly different voice.

On today's show, we played Adult Toy Price is Right, and I had a bit of a Freudian Schlip (as Greg says it) toward the end:

It's Monday, which means we have to go inside the simple male mind!

Here's what NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT Rob Ninkovich had to say about this weekend's Patriots/Lions game:

Love him or hate him, Governor Jesse Ventura was on today's show, talking conspiracy theories galore:


Some weird items going up for grabs during Adult Toy Price is Right this morning!

Check out what Matt Light had to say about yesterday's Pats victory over the Colts!

Well... I'll warn you ahead of time - LB kinda wrecked any chance we had of getting Julian Edelman to comment on the Colts during this week's HILL-MAN HUDDLE.  But...

Many times, you guys have asked for That Chick and That Other Chick to have a conversation. I'm not quite sure I can manage that yet. However, evidently That Other Chick does a GREAT LB impression.  Check it out!