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Here's the update:

If you missed our live broadcast at Wachusett Mountain, you're bummin'. 

Mayor Marty Walsh joined us in the 8 o’clock hour.  When asked about later closing times for bars, the Mayor said that there will be a task force put together to explore the possibility of extending closing times at “some”

Let's talk about Julie Ottaviani from Pennsylvania, shall we?  She is 54, and wanted to get back at her ex-husband's new girlfriend.

The plane theories continue to swirl around the disappearace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Experts are now wondering if perhaps the pilot had intended to commit suicide and brought the whole plane down as a result.

We were off yesterday.  What?  What do you mean you didn't even notice?  


It happened mid-show, but we know you all miss having former New England Patriot Matt Light on the show.  Matty called in this morning to chat and to talk about a charity event he is doing.

THURSDAYS WITH THORTY happened today... so if you missed it, we'll link the podcast interview with Shawn Thornton as soon as it's available.  


The Swiss cheese masturbator is at it again.  Kinda.  

(Source: Philadelphia Police Department)

Somehow, this doesn't seem the least bit surprising.  That film of an alleged three-way between Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe won't be going public after all.  It was supposedly going to be auctioned off to set

It's reported that a video (film) of a threesome involving Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy is going to hit the auction block tomorrow.

We talk all the time about how people hog the left lane on the highway and it drives you nuts.  Well, Georgia is looking to introduce

Aaron Hernandez was out of his prison confines for a bit and one of the guys started taunting him.  So Aaron did what you can only imagine he could do in prison without access to firearms:  he beat the bag out of the him.

We discussed a couple of automotive-related stories with our pal Ernie Boch Jr. this morning.  The first one was about Hyundai developing a fuel-cell capable of running on treated sewage.  Basically, it's a poop car.

Good news or bad news depending on which side of the aisle you claim as your own.  Gov. Deval Patrick did an interview with Politico over the weekend and said that he would not rule out a possible run for president.

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker stopped in to say hi during the 7 o'clock hour.

NEWS FLASH!  Hot Pockets are going to make you poop yourself.  But... you already knew that, didn't you?

Since Friday was Valentine's Day, everyone and his mother has been releasing surveys about dating protocol, etiquette, and what have you.

Another four-day work week for LB.  Nice life, eh?