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Here's what NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT Rob Ninkovich had to say about this weekend's Patriots/Lions game:

Love him or hate him, Governor Jesse Ventura was on today's show, talking conspiracy theories galore:


Some weird items going up for grabs during Adult Toy Price is Right this morning!

Check out what Matt Light had to say about yesterday's Pats victory over the Colts!

Well... I'll warn you ahead of time - LB kinda wrecked any chance we had of getting Julian Edelman to comment on the Colts during this week's HILL-MAN HUDDLE.  But...

Many times, you guys have asked for That Chick and That Other Chick to have a conversation. I'm not quite sure I can manage that yet. However, evidently That Other Chick does a GREAT LB impression.  Check it out!

Because of some weather issues, we were having problems with Cat Country 107.3 out of Atlantic City cutting into our feed.  So... we called them to check in:


Another week... another edition of Inside the Simple Male Mind...

Happy Friday!  We got to speak with AARON LEWIS during the 8 o'clock hour this morning.  Here's what he had to say about the anthem, going counry, and more!

It was the final night at Daisy Buchanan's last night... shockingly, LB made it into work this morning.  Unfortunately, his car did not.  He lost his rental car somewhere in the Back Bay.

Martha Coakley is the pre-2004 Red Sox of Massachusetts politics

We don't want to call him a Panther, so we'll refer to our pal Shawn Thornton as a former Boston Bruin.  :)  Thorty checked in with us this morning, and here's what he had to say: 

Masshole Theater was epic today.  "Do you wanna get some beers, kid?"