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DCF Commissioner Olga Roche was called upon by House Speaker Robert DeLeo yesterday to resign from her post.  (Which she had tried to do previously, but the Gov.

The big controversy over the weekend was over Clippers' owner Donald Sterling's comments about black people.  This story is just so sketchy.

So much stuff to go over today!  I'll just lay it out for your viewing/listening pleasure!


SO, what the hell is this thing?  Greg thinks it's a shadow person.  I don't.  They usually lurk in corners and disappear once they are noticed.  But it's gotta be SOMETHING, right??

Big controversy today over this video that surfaced Friday.

We had a great time broadcasting from the Boston Marathon yesterday.

If only you'd paid extra attention in math class and become a mathlete . . . you'd FINALLY be hot right now.  A website called CareerCast just came out with a list of the best and worst jobs for 2014 . . .

It's an emotional day in the City of Boston.  Please note that there will be a moment of silence at 2:49pm in observance of the events of last year's Boston Marathon.

A student from Indiana University named Julian was one of the contestants on Friday's "Wheel of Fortune".  And he had a chance to win a million bucks after the wheel landed on the million-dollar prize.  All he had to do wa

We had a busy morning today!  During the 8 o'clock hour, we spoke with Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty BossToneS about all sorts of stuff.

I've often thought of installing a dash cam... just in case.  Well, a man in Texas did just that.  And then this happened:

Sad news to report today... the Ultimate Warrior has passed away, only days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Kirstie Alley has been accused of being a fat bully.  Wait... what?


Here's her new commercial for Jenny Craig.  She's going back!  

Greg hit the Mantown Alert button right off the bat this morning because of the (additional) (alleged) Demi Lovato nude selfies that were leaked over the weekend.  Egotastic has 'em...

Opening Day... always a good time at The Baseball Tavern!


Here are some of the highlights from today's show:


People rarely get crafty enough with their April Fool's shenanigans to impress me.  Oh, you got engaged?  Congrats.  Oh, you're pregnant?  Congrats.  Sometimes, common sense goes right out the window.

LA Angels hitting coach Don Baylor had a freak accident during yesterday's ceremonial first pitch.  Holy leg break...

It's still not a guarantee that "Top Gun 2" will happen, but it's closer to reality than it's been in a long time.  And according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, if it happens, it'll be about Tom C

Road rage.  You've likely had it.  You've likely also dealt with a tailgater.  (And... to be fair... you likely have dealt with some idiot who won't MOVE OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.)  This video satisfies all of those criteria.