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Well... it's almost the holiday weekend, and Kathy is pissed that she has to go to her sister's for a barbecue. 

It's Wednesday, and that means we once again discover WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?  

The controversy over Deflate Gate continues...

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Masshole Theater: Tommy Boy

We spoke with bassist Duff McKagan (GNR/Velvet Revolver) this morning about the possibility of a GNR reunion, and what's in his memoir!

Wanna know why LB missed work yesterday? Check it out:

LB is missing. Rob has a sick little one. Spaz filled in. Hilarity ensued.

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You can learn a lot by listening to this show... fact. If you missed the lesson on The Battle of Gettysburg in school, LB will school you now:

This was probably one of my favorite games of all time... mostly because people just didn't get it. 

Kathy's a complainer. This has been established. Check out her latest gripes in Kathy's Korner!

So... say you have a friend who just had a baby. And you think the baby looks suspiciously like her ex. Do you tell her husband/boyfriend/fiance? That's what we tackle during today's edition of WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?


The Governor of Massachusetts joined us for our monthly segment, "Breakfast with Baker." Here's everything Charlie had t

You wanted more "Inside the Warped Female Brain..." YOU GOT IT!  We delved into MANY topics today, instead of just one!