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Inside the Simple Male Mind (I'm not saying LB was drunk.  I'm also not saying he wasn't.  Make your own decision.)

Whew... big show today.  Check out our podcasts if you missed anything!  



A guy just got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, and she doesn't know he has a criminal past!  WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?


Here are today's podcasts, in case you missed any highlights:

Hill-man Huddle with Matthew Slater

Want to know what it's like to be a CANNIBAL?  You know, without having to actually take a fork and knife to a cadaver?  Now it's possible.

My pal Sorboni Banerjee from Fox 25 and I will be doing a 5k for 5k next month!  Sorboni is a big animal rescue advocate, just as I am, and we are trading 5k's to benefit our respective animal shelters.

Everyone's been going nuts over 21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil in Tampa, Florida, because she had a THIRD BREAST implanted.

Remember this guy?

We've found his counterpart:

Our pal Matt Light joined us in the 7 o'clock hour to break down the win that the Patriots squeaked out yesterday against that JV squad from CA.  Here's what Matty had to say:



Epic church drum solo... I'M GOING FOR IT!


Someone from the website EliteDaily.com recently sat down with a homeless guy in New York named Joe.  He's in his 20s, and he manages to sleep in a bed most nights . . . by having ONE-NIGHT STANDS with random women.

Ever wondered if the workers at a restaurant get annoyed when you show up RIGHT before closing time and order something?  Here's your proof that yes, yes they do.

Greg was late today.  Mark it on your calendar.  He "overslept."  Also, he has some sort of weird cellulitis-type thing going on here:

Come on.  If YOU don't want to listen to your kid practice the clarinet, NO ONE ELSE DOES.

This one of the funnier ways we've seen someone raise awareness for something . . . A 31-year-old guy named Thomas Cantley from Salinas, California was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer in 2009.

Two 27-year-old girls named Mel Owens and Eva McEnrue are getting publicity for a Craigslist ad they posted in New York City a few days ago . . . looking for FALL BOYFRIENDS.

Apple introduced two bigger iPhones yesterday, and a service called ApplePlay that aims to replace your wallet.  But the biggest announcement was their "smart" watch.  It's called the Apple Watch.  Here are the five things

Here's the rundown: