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It's been a while since he taught you something... LB tries to educate you on Fact vs. Schmact.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly joined us in studio this morning. He challenged Hill-man to shave his beard... check it out: 

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Sue Costello in the house with Aunt Kathy!

Uh oh... today called for an emergency edition of WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?

Kid on your son's Little League team look older than the rest of the kids? Dad altered the birth certificate? WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?

Did you love 'The Wizard of Oz' as a child? Yes? Then you'll love the Masshole version!

It's June, so that means once again we are visited by the Governor of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker,

Women. They're nuts. AMIRITE? I attempt to explain why we think the way we do, during INSIDE THE WARPED FEMALE BRAIN!

Dads... what would you do if your sixteen-year-old daughter brought home a 24-year-old guy? We tackle that issue during "What Would Deacon Do?"

Ever wonder why your fiance eats his toenails? LB has an answer: 

Do you know anything about Archduke Ferdinand? You do know! LB ON HISTORY!

If you REALLY want honest answers to your questions about what your wife/girlfriend/ex/fiancee/co-worker is thinking, you have come to the right place:


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