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Greg hit the Mantown Alert button right off the bat this morning because of the (additional) (alleged) Demi Lovato nude selfies that were leaked over the weekend.  Egotastic has 'em...

Opening Day... always a good time at The Baseball Tavern!


Here are some of the highlights from today's show:


People rarely get crafty enough with their April Fool's shenanigans to impress me.  Oh, you got engaged?  Congrats.  Oh, you're pregnant?  Congrats.  Sometimes, common sense goes right out the window.

LA Angels hitting coach Don Baylor had a freak accident during yesterday's ceremonial first pitch.  Holy leg break...

It's still not a guarantee that "Top Gun 2" will happen, but it's closer to reality than it's been in a long time.  And according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, if it happens, it'll be about Tom C

Road rage.  You've likely had it.  You've likely also dealt with a tailgater.  (And... to be fair... you likely have dealt with some idiot who won't MOVE OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.)  This video satisfies all of those criteria.

Another case of zero tolerance gone wrong.  A Colorado 9-year-old girl went home one day and decided to shave her head to support her friend who was battling cancer.  Awesome, right?  What a caring kid... warms my heart.

So... let's say you have kids in the house... and you're going through a divorce.  Should the government be able to tell you that you can't have sex with your new significant other until the divorce is FINAL?

27-year-old virgin?  I'll be the judge of that.



No Thorty today... B's are on the road in Colorado tomorrow night so he was probably sleeping in.  We may hear from him tomorrow.


Our new producer Rob still rocks a VCR.  Do you still have one at your house?  What other old technology is around?

Here's the update:

If you missed our live broadcast at Wachusett Mountain, you're bummin'. 

Mayor Marty Walsh joined us in the 8 o’clock hour.  When asked about later closing times for bars, the Mayor said that there will be a task force put together to explore the possibility of extending closing times at “some”

Let's talk about Julie Ottaviani from Pennsylvania, shall we?  She is 54, and wanted to get back at her ex-husband's new girlfriend.

The plane theories continue to swirl around the disappearace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Experts are now wondering if perhaps the pilot had intended to commit suicide and brought the whole plane down as a result.

We were off yesterday.  What?  What do you mean you didn't even notice?