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The City of Boston has refused to release text messages between Mayor Marty Walsh and his Chief of Staff, Daniel Koh, regarding the failed bid for #BOSTON2024.


Hill-man stalked hung out with former Bruin Shawn Thornton this weekend, and Thorty called to check in today!

The Governor of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts joined us today for his monthly segment, "Breakfast With Baker!"

We spoke with one of the women who is involved in the "Free The Nipple" movement taking place at Hampton Beach. Hear what Heidi Lilley had to say about why they are taking on this mission:

Nerd Week continues! Are You Smarter than a Star Wars Nerd?

Actor/comedian JUDAH FRIEDLANDER (aka "World Champion) was live in studio this morning. Check out what he had to say!

There's a story about a man in CT who was humping a bush, and amazingly, KATHY witnessed the whole thing. Hear the story and the 911 call:

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LB's out, so I am the one giving out the stellar advice today:

Greg always gets upset when I point out the age difference between him and his bestie, Bubs, better known as Julian Edelman. Rob decided to take advantage of the friend situation by coming up with a rap about it all.

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We did a story today about a gun store owner in Florida who has declared his place a "Muslim-free" zone. Some are applauding him, and some are calling him a bigot.