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It's a sad day in Patriots Nation... Vince posted the following on his twitter account this morning:

How young is too young to walk a mile alone? Two parents in MD are facing child neglect charges after letting their 10-year-old and 6-year-old walk from the park to their home, unsupervised.  We talked about it today:

We're a day behind because of Greg's vacation... but we couldn't miss an opportunity to go inside the simple male mind!

Since we're off tomorrow, Ted Daniel from FOX 25 checked in with us this morning to give us the latest on the Aaron Hernandez trial!

Massholes. We're the best drivers.  Well... the best of the worst. That, according to a new AAA survey.

Another Monday, another trip inside the simple male mind:

Are you sick of the snow? A lot of people are, and they want to know what's going to be done about it, especially in the City of Boston.

Another Thursday means another update from our friend, Ted Daniel of Fox 25. He's currently covering the Aaron Hernandez murder trial. Here's what Ted had to say about bullet casings and bubble gum!

There has been a lot of discussion on the show lately about obese kids.

Snow rage... it's happening all over the Northeast, but it's especially bad around these parts. This morning, we discussed some of the incidents that have happened locally in the last week: 

It's Friday... and we're gearing up for the weekend!  Yay, snowstorm!

We spoke again today with FOX25's TED DANIEL about the Aaron Hernandez trial. Ted tells us what is happening inside the courtroom, and exactly what's happening between Aaron and his fiancee:

This morning, we got to chat with S.I. Swimsuit Model SAMANTHA HOOPES! She was a sweetheart, and "That Other Chick" could totally relate to her. Hey... I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it. Don't hate.

Ahh, another glorious snow-filled day! Podcasts will be linked as soon as they are available!