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Finally! We got in touch with Greg's prom date, Melissa! And she was just lovely.

Greg finally brought in his Junior Prom photo... and it's a doozy:

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Every week, we're getting more and more questions for "Inside The Warped Female Brain:"

This week, on "What Would Deacon Do," a woman finds out dad is on a dating website... and he's still married to mom!

Since we were off yesterday, we didn't get to go inside the simple male mind. Well... fear not, we'd never miss a chance!

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Men... you need my help. No, really, you do. Miss today's edition of Inside the Warped Female Brain? We've got you covered: 


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Another Thursday, another chance to go inside the warped female brain!

You think you can beat LB in random knowledge? We'll see about that!

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