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It's totally normal that Randy Quaid asked Chevy Chase for tens of thousands of dollars when the Starwhackers were after him, right? 

Would you drink water that used to have poop in it? 

Here's the latest in the bubble wrapping of American children . . . More and more cities have started banning SLEDDING . . . because they think it's too dangerous for kids.  The latest is Dubuque, Iowa . . .

It's the final day of The Rock for Change.  Former Red Sox pitcher, now Chicago Cub, JON LESTER called in to talk about finalizing things here in Boston.

You either love Can Man or you hate him... regardless, it's pretty impressive how he re-wrote the lyrics to an Aaron Lewis song to pertain to Spazzy:

Day one of the ROCK FOR CHANGE is off to a great start! Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

Some more weird items made their way into Adult Toy Price is Right this morning... you KNOW you want to know more about the JACKHAMMER JOHNSON!

Ladies, if you've ever wondered how the simple male mind works, LB is willing to help you out:

We had a great time broadcasting from Boch Toyota this morning for our annual Toys for Tots broadcast!  Thank you to everyone who came down to donate toys...

This morning, we spoke with DANIEL PAILLE of the BOSTON BRUINS! Here's what Danny had to say about the B's performance as of late:

Greg was SUPER excited to have AZ Senator JOHN MCCAIN (or McClain, as LB said) on the show this morning.

LB showcases his broad knowledge base again this morning during Facts Schmacts:

First thing's first... there's now a music video to go along with "Do You Wanna Get Some Beers, Kid?"  YOU MUST WATCH IT!

Our buddy Ernie Boch Jr. stopped by to talk about next week's TOYS FOR TOTS live broadcast that will happen Friday, December 12th!  He's got a pretty cool incentive for businesses to help drive toy donations:

Did you miss Facts Schmacts?  

Here's what you might have missed today:

We are not quite sure how LB does it either... but he manages: 

It was quite a good edition of Inside the Simple Male Mind this morning:

Well, for a long time, it has bothered me that the voice I use for "that chick" somehow was transitioned from "Barbie."  So I had to clarify that "that chick" has a vastly different voice.

On today's show, we played Adult Toy Price is Right, and I had a bit of a Freudian Schlip (as Greg says it) toward the end: