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Nerd Week continues! Are You Smarter than a Star Wars Nerd?

Actor/comedian JUDAH FRIEDLANDER (aka "World Champion) was live in studio this morning. Check out what he had to say!

There's a story about a man in CT who was humping a bush, and amazingly, KATHY witnessed the whole thing. Hear the story and the 911 call:

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LB's out, so I am the one giving out the stellar advice today:

Greg always gets upset when I point out the age difference between him and his bestie, Bubs, better known as Julian Edelman. Rob decided to take advantage of the friend situation by coming up with a rap about it all.

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We did a story today about a gun store owner in Florida who has declared his place a "Muslim-free" zone. Some are applauding him, and some are calling him a bigot.

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We've determined that this movie needs to be remade... based on how many people DON'T recognize it. 

Do you remember The Lindbergh Baby? No? Neither does LB.