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Wednesday 5-21-14 Recap!

What a fantastic day!  We hosted the 2nd Annual "Miss Boch-kini Pageant" at Ernie Boch's house in Norwood, MA.  


Let's get the big announcement out of the way... if you missed it, Spaz has another mouth to feed.  He is going to be a dad.  Again.  Kali is pregnant.  Congratulations!  Feel free to leave your weird name suggestions via comment below.  

(Photo credit:  Flickr/ Bill & Vicky T)


We'll get to the yoga pants in a second, but one of the highlights of the morning was Steel Panther playing a live accoustic set for us.  If you don't know by now, those guys are a parody of the typical 80's hair band.  Just wanted to clarify that since people are posting left and right that these guys are past their day... that's the point.  :)  

Here's one of the performances: 

Their other performance is also available as a podcast, as is our chat with the guys!


We've got lots of photos from the day yesterday... check out the gallery of all the lovely ladies here.  Congratulations to our first and second place winners, McKenzie (front) and Jodi!  Stan (in blue) didn't win anything, but we love him.  ;)


We're going to do it again next year!  Start planning now!  


Some stories we discussed:

If you're hammered and mothering simultaneously, don't dump the kid out of the carriage!

One high school doesn't think that it's ok to glamorize teen pregnancy with a yearbook spread.

Which celeb has been offered $1 million to appear in the television ads for Hustler Clubs?