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Wednesday Recap!

It's Game 7 Day!  That means we had to have another installment of "Hotties Who Know Hockey," and NHL Network's Kathryn Tappen joined us again to talk all things Bruins!


Since the Donald Sterling story won't die, Greg thought it would be fitting to try to track him down for an interview.  Lucky for us, he was successful.  Check out this hard-hitting masterpiece:


It's ear wax.  It's delicious.  It's a good thing SOMEONE watches C-SPAN.  Because last Wednesday, a Democratic Congressman from Florida named Joe Garcia didn't realize he was on camera.  And on national television, he picked his ear and ATE whatever found there.  Somewhat ironically, it was during a hearing about government surveillance. 


As far as revenge schemes go, this one's pretty good.  39-year-old Corinna Finney and 53-year-old Brian Waite of Wiltshire, England were in an on-again, off-again relationship that finally fell apart this past March.  But as they were having some conversations about their future, Corinna found Brian had put up a profile on an online dating site.  So she decided to get revenge.  He was out of his apartment all day on March 14th, so she called a moving company and had them clear everything out . . . including his furniture, appliances, and his carpet.  When Brian got home, he called the cops.  They recovered a lot of his stuff . . . but not everything.  About $1,600 worth of stuff is still missing.  And Corinna was arrested and charged with theft.   She was in court this week, and got community service and a fine.  In other words, her punishment was so light it's totally not going to discourage other people from doing this.  But . . . uh . . . you shouldn't.  Crime is bad.  She was interviewed after the trial and told reporters, quote, "I'm still not sorry, not in the slightest . . . he got what he deserved." 


Our old pal, Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, checked in to update us on what he's doing these days!


50-year-old Veronica Rodriguez was home in College Station, Texas last week, and heard a noise in the bathroom.  And if she wasn't already afraid of snakes . . . we're guessing she is now.  Because when she turned on the lights to the bathroom . . . she found herself face-to-face with a 12-foot AFRICAN python.  Somehow it had managed to get into her house, and was hanging out in her bathtub.  So she slammed the door, ran outside, and called 911.  A cop showed up with a small grocery bag to put the snake in, but he ended up calling animal control . . . who showed up with a 10-gallon bucket.  And that still wasn't close to big enough.  Finally, they decided to use a city trash can . . . and they managed to get the snake inside.  Then they sealed up the trash can . . . and left it by the side of Veronica's house until the next morning, when they could transport it to a rescue facility.  Apparently this python wouldn't have been dangerous to any adults . . . but it could've been dangerous to small children or pets.  No one's quite sure where it came from or how it got into Veronica's house. 


 In case you didn't know, Subway started making pizzas a few months ago.  They're called Flatizzas . . . it's a piece of flatbread with sauce and cheese on top.  Flatizzas are so new, we didn't know they already had diehard fans . . . but apparently, 37-year-old Bevalente Michette Hall of Gastonia, North Carolina is the first.  Bevalente was at a Subway last week and ordered a Flatizza.  But the employees put marinara sauce on it instead of pizza sauce.  That seems like a very minor difference . . . but not to an old-school Flatizza purist like Bevalente.  I'm sure she remembers back to the good old days of April 2014 when Flatizzas always came with pizza sauce.  So she called 911 to report that Subway had used the wrong sauce and wouldn't make her a new Flatizza.  The 911 dispatcher told her that really isn't what 911 is for and hung up.  Then . . . Bevalente called AGAIN.  This time, the dispatcher heard her screaming at the employees in the background and sent out a cop, who arrested her for misuse of 911.  She spent three minutes in jail before posting a $2,000 bond.  Here's Ms. Hall (photo:  Gastonia PD).


Police stopped Alec Baldwin for illegally riding his bike against traffic down a New York City street yesterday.  And to the surprise of no one, he proceeded to throw a huge tantrum, which resulted in him being taken into custody.  In a Twitter rant, Alec said, quote, "Officer Moreno, badge number 23388, arrested me and handcuffed me for going the wrong way on Fifth Ave . . .  Claims by Moreno of disorderly conduct are either a distortion or outright lie.  Moreno lied in her report.   "Handcuffing someone for riding a bicycle in the wrong direction is ridiculous.  New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that's desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.  "Meanwhile, photographers outside my home once again terrified my daughter and nearly hit her with a camera.  The police did nothing.  Alec was reportedly arrested and handcuffed because he was acting "belligerent."  He was detained, in part, because he wasn't carrying any I.D. at the time . . . and a "source" says he yelled, quote, "Fuck this.  This is horse shit.  Don't you know who I am?"  He was issued a court summons, fined, charged with disorderly conduct, and released.  Naturally, there are photos.  Because 2014.