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Wednesday Recap!

Big controversy today over this video that surfaced Friday.  A YT user named khanzahri100 claims he was selected for additional security screening "based on his name," and that his children were also subject to a pat down by TSA employees.  Take a look at the video he posted and comment below with your thoughts.  Is this too much?  Or should children be subjected to the same screening procedures as adults?  Pretty interesting debate happening on our Facebook page as well.  


Trash can cannon... trash cannon?  Either way... only in Poland:


A man who was charged with caring for swans at a condo complex in Illinois was attacked by one swan, and subsequently drowned when his kayak flipped.  Now, his wife is suing the condo saying they should have known that the swans were dangerous.  Does this lawsuit have any merit? 


Since it's the Playoffs, we spoke with former NESN and current NHL Network gal Kathryn Tappen about all things Bruins and the road to the Cup.  


There are so many objects lying around that might look like a gun if you hide them under a shirt.  A hairdryer . . . a spatula . . . your fingers . . . basically anything that's not small and round.  This guy picked something small and round.  A man tried to rob two stores in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday . . . using a POTATO.  He walked into a convenience store around 2:00 P.M., held up the potato, said it was a gun, and demanded money.  But the clerk chased him off with a baseball bat.  So the guy went to a dry cleaner and tried the same stunt.  The cashier handed him a fake $20 bill from a decoy cash register . . . apparently this dry cleaner must get robbed a lot?  Then he left, and the cashier called the cops.  The police are trying to track down the guy. 


Other things you may have missed:

New Jersey cardiologist racks up $135K bill during four trips to Scores strip club — but he claims he was drugged during each visit: suit 

Shirley MacLaine Ignores Psychics, Lists New Mexico Ranch for $18 Million

Experts: Markey proposal may threaten free speech


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