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Wednesday Recap!

If only you'd paid extra attention in math class and become a mathlete . . . you'd FINALLY be hot right now.  A website called CareerCast just came out with a list of the best and worst jobs for 2014 . . . and MATHEMATICIAN is number one.  Overall, three of the top four jobs on the list are in math . . . and the other one is "professor," which could also be in math.  Jobs are ranked on different criteria in four categories:  Environment, income, outlook, and stress.  Mathematician came out on top because it pulls in big money, it's low stress, and our world is getting more math-driven so the field is growing.

The rest of the top 10 best jobs are: 

2.    Tenured University Professor

3.    Statistician

4.    Actuary

5.    Audiologist

6.    Dental Hygienist

7.    Software Engineer

8.    Computer Systems Analyst

9.    Occupational Therapist

10. Speech Pathologist.


On the other end, LUMBERJACK was named the worst job . . . it's incredibly dangerous, the pay is bad, and the industry is declining.

The rest of the bottom 10 worst jobs are: 

2.    Newspaper Reporter

3.    Enlisted Military Personnel

4.    Taxi Driver

5.    Broadcaster

6.    Head Cook

7.    Flight Attendant

8.    Garbage Collector

9.    Firefighter

10. Corrections Officer


Miley Cyrus was hospitalized yesterday in Kansas City due to a severe allergic reaction to some kind of medication.  She had to cancel a gig at the city's Sprint Center because of it.  I'm sure your first thought was that it was some kind of non-prescription "medication".  But remember, Miley had to cancel a show due to the flu last week, and a source says she's been battling major throat and sinus issues.  She seems okay though.  Last night she Tweeted a picture of herself in her hospital bed with a toy octopus, whose name is apparently "Mr. Octopussy". 


Courtney Love likes Bruce Springsteen as a person . . . but apparently NOT as a musician.  In a video on her YouTube channel, Courtney summed up her distaste for Bruce's music like this . . . quote, "Saxophones don't belong in rock and roll . . . they just don't belong in rock and roll."


Also on today's show:

Large quantity of fecal matter found in hotel

Man loses half his skull in construction accident.  Ah, Romania.

A proposal will be considered today by the Legislature that would grant 5 free years pension to retiring toll takers.