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Wednesday Recap!

People rarely get crafty enough with their April Fool's shenanigans to impress me.  Oh, you got engaged?  Congrats.  Oh, you're pregnant?  Congrats.  Sometimes, common sense goes right out the window.  Like with this woman... she texted her daughter to tell her that there were shots fired on the college campus where she worked.  HILARIOUS, RIGHT?  Daughter calls 911, cops show up, nothing had happened, mom gets arrested.  Womp womp.  


Former Navy SEAL Chris Heben was shot while walking through a parking lot toward a cafe in Akron, Ohio.  At first, he didn't even realize he had been shot, and took off to chase the guys who were threatening him.  Then, he plugged the wound in his abdomen and drove himself to the hospital.  Mantown Hall of Fame worthy?  We think so.


Shoulda had a V8?  Or not.  A woman in Texas found a really nasty object in her evening fruit and vegetable beverage.  Her drinks tasted putrid so she dumped it out, and found this gross pork-rind-lookin' thing inside.  I'm always skeptical of people finding objects in food.  


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