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Wednesday Recap!

Another case of zero tolerance gone wrong.  A Colorado 9-year-old girl went home one day and decided to shave her head to support her friend who was battling cancer.  Awesome, right?  What a caring kid... warms my heart.  So many kids out there suck to each other, but this little girl makes a huge gesture for her friend.  What does she get for it?  THROWN OUT OF SCHOOL.  The school's dress code states that no female can have a shaved head.  So they told her that unless she grew her hair back or wore a wig, she couldn't come back.  Luckily, she was reinstated after a school board voted (3-1... who was the 1?) to reinstate her.  Check out the news story here:


The guys that did the BASE jump off One World Trade Center in NYC have finally turned themselves in.  Authorities had been searching for them since September.  This whole case has shed light on the lack of security at the tower.  Check out the amazing video if you haven't seen it yet:


Ever since Pizza Hut stuffed cheese in a pizza crust, people have been coming up with more and more creative ways to make unhealthy food even less healthy by stuffing it.  This burger takes that to a whole other level.  A restaurant called Mister Eaters in Preston, England is now serving a hamburger where one of the patties has another entire cheeseburger stuffed inside it.  They take a regular cheeseburger with the bun . . . surround it with more burger meat . . . then grill the whole thing.  Then they stack that monstrosity plus two more regular burger patties on four buns, with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  It comes to at least 10,000 calories, and they're selling it for $33 . . . although it's free if you finish it.  Check out photos of the burger here.  



Prosecutors in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial are trying to say that because he looked up porn the night before his girlfriend Reva Steenkamp was shot dead, it contradicts his claim that they were in a loving relationship.  WHAT?  I just lost my mind.  SERIOUSLY?  That is one of the more ridiculous arguments I've ever heard.  Get details here.  


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