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Wednesday Recap!

Our new producer Rob still rocks a VCR.  Do you still have one at your house?  What other old technology is around?  Check out our conversation... it definitely made Gurg feel old.


One Colorado mother claims she found a chicken embryo in a can of Campbell's soup.  Nom. 


If you've been singing along to the radio today, so have about half the people you're sitting in traffic with.  According to a new survey, it's the most popular thing people do while driving.  Here's the top ten:

 1.  Singing out loud . . . 56% of people say they do it.

 2.  Talking on the phone, 50%

 3.  Eating, 50%

 4.  Reading text messages, 26%

 5.  Sending text messages, 20%

 6.  Taking photos, 13%

 7.  Reading emails, 12%

 8.  Sending emails, 9%

 9.  Watching TV or a movie, 7%.  Remember, this is WHILE you're driving.

 10.  Putting on make-up, 7%

Then things start to get even MORE dangerous.  The rest of the top 15 are:  Changing clothes, putting on deodorant, flossing your teeth, working on a laptop . . . and READING. 


Last Thursday afternoon, a woman named Jasmin Johnson was using the bathroom at a McDonald's in Memphis, Tennessee.  And a 28-year-old named Ronald Henderson apparently decided to spy on her.  So he went into the women's bathroom, went into the stall next to her,  and tried to crawl under the partition INTO Jasmin's stall.  Fortunately, Ronald didn't really have the slender, stealthy body you need to pull that off, and he got STUCK under the partition.  He tried to grab Jasmin's leg, but she was able to run out and get help.  Ronald was arrested and charged with assault and observation without consent. 


If you're in your 20s, good news:  Sex will get even BETTER.  If you're out of your 30s, bad news:  No, sex will NOT get even better.  According to a new survey, a woman's sexual confidence peaks at age 31, and sex is the best when a woman's in her 30s.  The survey also found the top seven reasons why:

 1.  You finally accept your body.

 2.  You have enough experience to really know what you're doing.

 3.  You're finally able to find someone you have good sexual chemistry with.

 4.  You're willing to communicate what you want.

 5.  You're more comfortable during sex.

 6.  You're attracted to your partner for more than just physical reasons.

 7.  You're in a long-term relationship, which makes you way more comfortable. 

By the way, here was our take on that.  


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