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Wednesday Recap!

The plane theories continue to swirl around the disappearace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Experts are now wondering if perhaps the pilot had intended to commit suicide and brought the whole plane down as a result.  That theory has been floated with a couple of previous airliner crashes.  Mike Hsu brought up an excellent theory... the reports that the plane changed course and was spotted on radar over the Strait of Malacca came from the Malaysian military.  So is it possible that for whatever reason the military tried to radio the plane and got no response, and then shot it down because it was seen as a threat?  Maybe the cabin depressurized?  Perhaps the pilot was incapacitated?  Hsu also mentioned that it could be a scenario like that of Airport 77 where the plane made a water landing and then sunk with all on board, still alive.  


State Senator Bruce Tarr wants to strengthen the regulations regarding sex offenders.  Basically, if you mess with a kid, you need to be classified as either a Level 2 or 3 (and not 1) sex offender.  He spoke with Fox 25, and you can see that interview here.  Check out the conversation on our Facebook page as well.  


When asked previously whether she'd support giving drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants, Attorney General Martha Coakley was not willing to back the program.  Now, her opponent, Treasurer Steve Grossman, has asked why she won't support them.  Oh.  Fantastic.  Now she's "open to the idea?"  What do you guys think of this?  Will it be a good idea to give licenses to those here illegally?  Will it make them actually get insurance?  Comment below.  


A terminally-ill teen has crossed "go to strip club" off his bucket list.  

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One of our listeners was upset because his fiancee wants a boob job.  Here's the advice I gave him.  


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Japanese flight attendants aren't exactly thrilled about the new choice of uniform on Skymark airlines.  

Nation of Pussies report - Two Iowa girls' basketball coaches have quit after being bullied by parents.  

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