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Wednesday Recap!

Since Friday was Valentine's Day, everyone and his mother has been releasing surveys about dating protocol, etiquette, and what have you.  One University study found that 84% of men still pick up the check on the first date.  How nice.  Chivalry is not dead.  I'm hoping most, if not all of them, held the door open for their significant others.  Jury is still out on that one.  This led to a discussion about what YOU guys do.  We had lots of different responses.  Many people, male and female, felt that they should at least offer to go half on one of the first few dates.  Others felt that the person who did the inviting should pay.  What's your take?  Check out our convo here if you missed it.  


LB is an expert on many things, and pizza is no exception.  During Facts Schmacts today, Greg asked about the origin of Hawaiian pizza, and LB did not disappoint.  


Kate Upton did a Sports Illustrated shoot in a zero gravity chamber, and yes, there's video.  You're welcome.  


Two big controversial stories were in the news today:

The first was that a Wisconsin National Guard soldier has been disciplined after posting photos to Instagram that many felt were tasteless.  She serves in the Honor Guard, and many people (military or not) felt her actions were completely disrespectful.  Check out the story here and reaction from listeners on Facebook.  

The second was that Kansas is planning to debate legislation that would make it LEGAL for you to spank your own child, up to 10 times, leaving bruises or red marks.  Should parents be able to discipline kids however they choose?  Or is it totally unnecessary to have an actual law specifying HOW you can do it?  What do you think, parents?  Here's the conversation that ensued after we asked the question this morning.  


Other topics we discussed today:

A three-year-old girl has been admitted to MENSA.  LB is crushed.  

A 750-lb man blames his mom's cooking for his obesity.  

A blind man sinks a three-point-shot at a college basketball game in Missouri and wins free McDonald's for a year.  


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