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Wednesday Recap!

Mr. Waffles joined us in studio this morning!  


Bill Gates recently did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and he was asked who he would like to see play him in a movie about his life.  His response?  Samuel L. Jackson.  He added that his wife, Melinda, would probably like to see that version.  What do you think about this choice?  Would it be realistic for you to see Samuel L. Jackson as Bill Gates?  


Another hockey parent controversy has arisen.  Yesterday it was the dad in Somerville who went after his kid's hockey coach.  Today it's the guy in Marlborough who went after an opposing player; an incident which resulted in a concussion for the teen.  According to Fox 25, here's the deal:  

"It allegedly happened Sunday night at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough. Thirteen and 14-year-old hockey players from the Springfield Holy Name Stars and the Worcester Crusaders were in a heated game, when Springfield's center and a Worcester player slammed into the boards.

The coach of the Springfield team told FOX exclusively over the phone that the Worcester player's wrist was broken and his player was ejected from the game. But as the 13-year-old was getting off the ice, police and witnesses allege the other boy's father or guardian walked over to him and either smacked or punched him in the head."

Why do parents act like this?  What is the deal with overbearing adults who think it is ok to go after another kid?  Have you ever experienced this?  


What do a 13" donkey penis and Woody from Toy Story's gun have in common?  Both were recently confiscated at the airport.  A man from China was traveling to New Zealand and had his donkey penis taken by customs.  The good thing is that he won't face charges because he declared it an imported food item.  A man traveling through London's Heathrow Airport had the gun from his son's Woody doll (which he takes all over the world and photographs for his kid) taken by security because it was considered a weapon.  (Important to note, Woody never had a gun in the actual movie. It's only available with his doll.)


Miley Cyrus says that her Bangerz tour will be "educational" for kids.  Why?  Because ART.  Yes.  She will be displaying art.  Greg wondered if she considered flying through the sky on a dildo to be "art" but who knows?  Oh... and btw, her daddy decided to team up with a rapper to put out Achy Breaky 2.  Enjoy.  


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