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Wednesday Recap!

Would you want this butt in your child's face?

That's the big question we tackled today on the show.  Kaitlin Pearson, who is a teacher's assistant in Fitchburg at South Street Elementary, was put on paid leave after an anonymous individual sent her modeling photos to both school officials and the local paper.  So we wanted to know... would you care if your child's teacher had modeling photos online that were readily available to anyone who searched for them?  Kaitlin has many public photos on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and has appeared as the cover model for ModelsMania magazine.  We posed the question and it ignited quite a debate.  Many people feel that whatever you do in your personal time should have NO effect on your career, regardless of what you do.  I, personally, feel that when you assume certain career roles, there are some things you just should not do.  I feel that teachers need to be conservative when it comes to their online presence.  This situation certainly falls in that category.  Mind you, in no way does this mean I feel negatively toward Kaitlin.  LB mentioned many times this morning that he felt that anyone who took issue with her being a teacher's aide and doing semi-nude modeling meant that they felt she was unqualified and a bad person, and that is not the case whatsoever.  She is probably great with the kids and a good person.  But is it appropriate for her to continue modeling given her choice of career?  Or should she abandon the teaching element if she is that passionate about modeling?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  Also feel free to check out the discussion on Facebook here.  


By the way... just in case we're not clear... it's spelled JEALOUS. 

Not jealouse.

Not jelouse.

Not jelose.


There were a lot of offenders on Facebook.  


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford swore off alcohol in November after the whole crack-smoking nonsense, but it appears he's dipped back into the sauce.  He was filmed Monday night speaking to a group in a Jamaican accent.  I guess he's trying to appeal to the people.  


Also on the show today: 

Richard Sherman wants you to know he has no regrets about his post-game rant, and reflects on the racist reaction that followed.  

18-year-old Robert Marucci turned to porn to help pay the bills.  Now, he's facing expulsion from his high school.  

The boys from TKE at ASU are in trouble after they had an MLK-themed party.  Attendees were required to, errr, dress a certain way.  


Tomorrow we will talk to B's enforcer Shawn Thornton at 8:15!  Don't miss a minute!