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Wednesday 9-3-14 Recap!

Would you go as far as these people did to help this bear?


The U.S. is FINALLY getting one of the world's most popular hangover cures . . . There's a product called Berocca that's sold as a hangover cure in a lot of countries overseas . . . and apparently people SWEAR by it.  Now we're finally going to get to see what the hype is about. Bayer has decided to start selling Berocca in the U.S. . . . and it's hitting the shelves at stores like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Target now. They're little orange-flavored tablets filled with vitamins, zinc, and caffeine that dissolve in water.  It's basically just like Emergen-C, only it's SPECIFICALLY for curing hangovers . . . not to keep your kids healthy or anything boring like that. Bayer says they decided to start selling it in the U.S. now because, quote, "It was the right time and the right moment" . . . whatever that means. 


Call me crazy, but I have a bad feeling about this marriage. 33-year-old Mark Williams (seen in the blog thumbnail) and Edyta Branch got married on Sunday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a riverboat cruise, then stayed on the boat for the reception. And at some point during the night, Mark got a little HANDSY with one of the waitresses . . . who happened to be 19 years old and PREGNANT.  He tried to grope her, then tried to force her to drink with him. So she called her boyfriend to come pick her up when the cruise ended . . . 20-year-old Tyler Smith.  The boat docked around 1:00 A.M., Tyler was waiting for Mark, and they got into a FISTFIGHT in the parking lot. Mark's 35-year-old brother David jumped in . . . and one of Mark's friends, 31-year-old Brian Taylor, punched out a car window.  Mark, David, and Brian were all arrested . . . as far as we can tell, Tyler wasn't. The waitress says she felt the worst for Mark's new wife, Edyta.  Quote, "She was very understanding.  She didn't argue with anybody.  She was probably shocked and [was] in tears that this happened on her day." 


Coffee and naps are supposed to be bitter enemies . . . totally incompatible forces that can never coexist.  OR SO YOU THOUGHT. Studies out of both Japan and England just found that the key to a great nap is . . . drinking COFFEE right before you lie down. Researchers found that if you drink a cup of coffee, then take a 20-minute nap, you'll sleep better AND you'll be more alert when you wake up.  In other words, coffee plus a nap is more effective than JUST coffee or JUST a nap. Here's why:  When you're tired, it's because of a molecule called adenosine.  Sleeping and caffeine both clear out adenosine, but it takes them both a little time to get rid of it. So if you nap during that time, you're doing double duty on clearing it out . . . which will help you wake up VERY refreshed. But it only works if you stick to a 20-minute nap.  If you sleep longer, you'll go into the deeper stages of sleep, which will counteract all the positives. 


Rocky Marciano's family has confirmed there is a movie in the works about his life.  Read more here, and check out our Facebook discussion to see who people think should play Rocky.  


One of Greg's favorite things in the world is the phenomenon where people wake up from a coma speaking a different language.  It happened to one man in Australia two years ago.  He got into an accident and woke from his subsequent coma speaking FLUENT MANDARIN!  There's a special about him that is out now, so that's why we are revisiting his story.


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