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Wednesday 8-13-14 Recap!

LB FINALLY got us his ice bucket challenge video.  (Don't worry, mine is coming.  Eventually...)  Check it out, and don't say you weren't warned that you can't EVER unsee this:

Have you done yours?  Send us your links to  Find more info on the challenge here.  


Today's edition of Florida, Not Like The Rest of Us involves a woman who was attacked by an aligator in her canoe!


Imagine this:  there you are... enjoying a country show at Gillette Stadium... when you meet a hot chick who tries to hook up with you.  You go home with her, and there's an older guy in a wheelchair already there.  She tells you he'd like to watch.  What do you do?  Go for it?  Run screaming?  This was the question when we went inside the warped female brain today...


One Ohio grandmother is in a lot of trouble for what she thought were simply funny Facebook pics.  She was watching her two-month-old granddaughter and decided THIS would be funny to post:

(Yes, the baby looks like Bane.)  She explained that the duct tape was only on the baby's face for a few seconds and that she meant no harm.  But she's being attacked all over the internet, to the point where she feels she may have to move.  We asked on Facebook if you thought this was just a funny picture or totally unacceptable, and the overwhelming majority responded that this was dangerous, even if it was quick.  The baby's skin could get hurt, and she could spit up and choke.  The grandmother did post another photo of the baby in a... "situation."  Don't kill me, but I think this one is cute.  Being a someone who likes to cook.  

Check out the full story here and the convo on Facebook.  


Gary Kiehne is a Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona.  And he just sent out a bunch of fliers with the standard talking points . . . "Washington is broken" . . . "smaller government" . . . "repeal Obamacare" . . . stuff like that.  There's also a photo of him on a ranch in a cowboy hat, talking with two other guys in cowboy hats next to a pick-up truck.  What he DIDN'T notice was the photo accidentally features a horse with MASSIVE JUNK.

Republican congressman’s mailer features horse with large erection.

We don't know how many of these fliers Gary sent out . . . but hey, at least they're getting some attention. 


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