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Wednesday 7-30-14 Recap!

Don't do this at home.  Don't.  DON'T.


And a few more from the interwebs, just to show you how ridiculous people are.  And dumb.  And stupid.  


We had a special edition FLORIDA - NOT LIKE THE REST OF US this morning.  There were several stories to discuss:

The man in West Melbourne who called 911 to report a murder about to happen so he could get out of a speeding ticket.

(Photo:  West Melbourne Police)

The woman who was arrested after exposing her breasts and vag on the beach, and refused to pull up her shorts.

(Photo:  Brevard County Police)

The mother that took off and left her kids in Walmart when she was confronted about shoplifting.

(Photo:  Volusia County Branch Jail)


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